Best Baby Yoda Gift Guide For Christmas

The Best Baby Yoda Christmas Gift Guide For All Mandalorian Fans

Looking for Baby Yoda? Other gifts for the Mandalorian fan on your Gift List? Never fear – here are the top gift ideas this holiday season!

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Christmas Is Coming, Baby Yoda!

This character is easily the hottest must-have for Christmas! We all love Disney’s The Mandalorian. If you’re looking for the best gifts featuring Baby Yoda, or Mando, look no further than this Christmas Gift Guide!

In this guide, we have apparel for the whole family. The best toys! And even a few odds and ends for everyone. Let’s dive in…


Who doesn’t want a Baby Yoda Tee Shirt? Or even one featuring The Mandalorian himself? Khol’s  Men’s The Child T Shirt. As well as Men’s Mandalorian This Is The Way Hoodies. You can also find cute Junior’s Size Baby Yoda Tshirts for teen girls, and Boy’s Long Sleeve Baby Yoda Graphic T-Shirts. Is Amazon more your style? Don’t worry, they have you covered as well on The Child Tee Shirts.

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Baby Yoda, aka The Child, is the hottest toy for the 2020 Holiday Season. You can find puzzles, action figures, plushies, funko pops, pretty much everything! People have just fallen in love with the little, frog-eating guy.

The most sought after for a stuffed animal lover is probably the 11 11 inch Mattel Star Wars The Child Plush Toy. He’s flying off shelves faster than the Millenium Falcon! Better grab him while you can!

There’s also the Hasbro Talking The Child Toy that comes with a frog, and a little cup of soup! If someone you love adores Squishmallows, yes there is a Baby Yoda Squishmallow available! And we can always use a few squishy, cuddly things around during the holidays to make snuggles warmer.

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Did you know there are Mandalorian Lego sets!? Well, you do now! You can build The Razor, and even build The Child and Mando! Perfect for every Lego Star Wars collector!

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For The Home

Everyone loves a good coffee mug. Now You can find a variety of Baby Yoda mugs for those little sippies of coffee, frog soup, or what have you. The Child doesn’t judge, and you can even take a version of him with you to work with a The Child coffee thermos!

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You can also get towels, bathroom accessories, bedding, and more featuring The Child! Because who doesn’t want to completely deck out their home, Mandalorian style?



The Child Has Taken Over!

Hopefully, this gives you some great options for the holiday season. Do you have any more ideas for this Mandalorian Gift Guide? Comments below so it can be added to the list for other Holiday shoppers. This is the way!

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