Hi! My name is Jasmine!

Hi! My name is Jasmine Hewitt. I am a wife, and a Stay At Home Mom, to a beautiful little boy, Bruce. I’ve been a “Human Mom” to our Russian Blue kitty, Dimitri Hewitt, for 2 years (or 25 cJasmine Hewitt - Bloggerat years, however you want to look at it).My husband is Ryan, a former Marine, and we all live (currently) in southern Georgia.


I began blogging in late March of 2016, as an attempt to keep myself awake during nighttime feedings. While reading other’s blogs and articles, I started thinking about what I would write about if I ever became brave enough to try. Well, one night, I decided to try!

I love writing about my fears and realizations as a first time Mom, how I build up and maintain my marriage, and (sometimes) some of the things we experience during different phases of life. I also enjoy writing about my favorite products (for babies and everyone else!) and things I have either never tried before, or absolutely swear by!You can find me on the following social media links,located to the right of this page, and don’t ever be afraid to send a message (especially if you’re looking for a product tester or brand rep!)…I promise I don’t bite.

Can’t totally vouch for the baby, he’s still learning. And the cat is sneaky.