The Ultimate Christmas Peppa Pig Gift Guide For Kids

The Ultimate Peppa Pig Gift Guide #ad #christmas #peppapig #giftguide

The Ultimate Peppa Pig Gift Guide – Just In The For Christmas!

Does your little one absolutely love Peppa Pig? So does mine! So, I’ve put together this gift guide, with everything the biggest Peppa Pig fan needs!

This post contains affiliate links, but all thought and opinions are 100% my own!

Peppa Pig Plushies

I have a toddler boy, so finding age appropriate toys (and toys geared more towards boys) can be difficult when this character is featured. Here’s a few that we have here that we’ve had relatives gift…

peppa pig wiggle and giggle plush dolls

The Peppa And George Giggle& Wiggle Plush Dolls were a huge hit last year! Squeeze their bellies, and they fall over laughing! Each doll also has a few catch phrases, and totally has the ability to turn off their giggling when they become too annoying…err…giggly. Warning-these are recommended¬†for ages 3 and up djue to small parts, however I personally haven’t found any small parts in danger of removal on this toy.

But in any other case, lush dolls make the perfect toddler gifts, as they usually don’t have any small parts, unlike most of the Peppa Pig toys in stores right now. And just in case you’re opposed to buying a Peppa doll for your son (although I like to think Peppa Pig is gender neutral), George is always another option!


Peppa Pig books are exciting, and fun! My son has a few select favorites, and what I love about Peppa Pig & The Day At The Museum, is the cover-it doubles as a poster you can color!

Peppa Pig and the day at the museum

The books are age appropriate for any child, and you can usually find one to go with their favorite episode!


Of course, if your child is a fan of Peppa Pig, it probably has more to do with the television show than the books.  Never fear РDVDS to the rescue!

For The Home

Wait, you mean there’s stuff for the home? Yes! You can deck out your child’s room, and even bathroom, with Peppa Pig! Although, I have a feeling this Toothbrush set will turn into a toy if we aren’t careful…
There’s a variety of toys and activities to make bath time more fun!

As well as towels, rugs and soft furniture for the bedroom, dinner place settings, and more!

Did you know there’s even a tree house?

There’s a ton more Peppa Pig items out there…

But f I were to list them all, it would literally take pages! Nonetheless, I believe these ideas would make any true fans day! Be it for Christmas, or any gift-giving reason, I hope your little one has a wonderful holiday, and you find the perfect gift this holiday season!

The Ultimate Peppa Pig Gift Guide #ad #christmas #peppapig #giftguide

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