“Our Love Challenges” Interactive Scrapbook for Couples

Our Love Challenges

Our Love Challenges: An Interactive Scrapbook for Couples

After so many years of marriage, I can be honest in saying that new date ideas can be hard to find. But if you’ve fallen into the “groove” of needing more date suggestions, or even looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, then check out Our Love Challenges and their Kickstarter program!

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Dates can become stagnant…

It’s something we never want to admit, but it happens. And it’s an ever increasing problem the longer you’re in a relationship. The movies become boring after the umpteenth time you’ve went together. There’s only so many restaurants in town. And as much as I love coffee, it’s more of my go-to energy fuel; and I’ve already been to every shop in town. Doesn’t make dates any more engaging when it’s the same shops over and over again.

Even now as one half of a married couple; when we actually have time without the kid, we get bored doing the same things over and over again. If you’re just dating, in a committed relationship, or even married, the problem still exists; you eventually run out of exciting things to do together.

Our Love Challenges

Finally, someone thought of a really fun solution to this very common dilemma. Our Love Challenges is more than just a book. It’s meant to be the perfect engaging gift for your loved one, and for you!

Our Love Challenges

There’s 180 challenges for couples inside, split into 8 different categories. Within these challenges, you will discover ideas that will help you learn more about your partner. Help to engage the two of you with fun activities, and even give ideas for exciting dates that you might not would have considered before!

As you complete challenges, the scrapbook can be filled; with ticket stubs, photos, notes, and other moments of the time spent together on a new, exciting date!Our Love Challenges

Perfect gift for married couples!

I believe this to be an awesome gift for any couple! You have fun new ideas to try for date night (or days!), and a place to organize all your memories of doing them together. The challenges are also repeatable, and with 180 to choose from, this is sure to guarantee that dates will never become boring again!

Yes, I agree that time spent with a loved one is never boring. But when you’ve been to the same burger joint a million times, and those walks around the duck pond seem so routine that you have named all the ducks (and it isn’t cute anymore), then sometimes you just need to spice things up a bit. Our Love Challenges will encourage you to climb mountains together, try new recipes, and share your dreams. It’s the perfect way to change things up when date night seems way too familiar.

Kickstarter Campaign

Our Love Challenges

The creators of Our Love Challenges first debuted this book in the Czech Republic, and it was a hit! Now, they want to make Our Love Challenges available to the world! And I don’t know about you, but I would love to see this a reality! I encourage you to head over to their Kickstarter campaign to learn more, and help make Our Love Challenges available everywhere!



Our Love Challenges - an interactive scrapbook of 180 challenges for couples in love to accomplish on date night!

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