5 Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Home Improvement Goals

5 Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Home Improvement Goals

Renovating your bathroom will increase the value of your home as well as update its appearance and make it more suited to your lifestyle. When you renovate your home, you have the opportunity to make improvements that will last for many years to come. Consider the following changes when remodeling your bathroom to increase the room’s functionality, storage, and comfort.  And don’t be afraid to consult the professionals when attempting a bath remodel in Pensacola.

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Tile the bathroom shower floor with small, textured tiles

During your bathroom remodel, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to flooring, walls, and tiles. You need to choose the floor tile of your shower carefully for safety reasons. Shower tiles should be small and textured. You won’t slip on the floor once it’s wet and soapy because of the texture and the extra grouting.

Unlike old-fashioned tiles, modern bathrooms use grouts that are mold, moisture, and stain-resistant. Tiles made of ceramics and porcelain are available in an array of styles. Make a statement by mixing and matching patterns and colors, or go for a more subtle look for an understated look.  Or, install your own mosaics.

Incorporate a window in the shower

Keeping a bathroom clean is made more difficult by humidity, which can cause mildew and mold to grow. However, while a good bathroom fan can greatly improve ventilation, natural ventilation is best.

Even cracking open the window during or after your shower will help to draw out the humidity. In addition to allowing natural light into the bathroom, windows also contribute to safety and aesthetics. Furthermore, if you have a window in your bathroom, you won’t have to waste energy by turning on the light during the day. Water drains off shower window sills if they’re sloped downward. Privacy can also be achieved by using frosted glass.

Put the tub on an optional basis

Bathtubs are not always necessary, especially in cases where you do not take baths. There are real estate agents out there who say that bathrooms with tubs will appeal more to buyers than ones with just a shower, but this is much less true today than it used to be.

You can also have a luxurious shower in your main bathroom if you have another family bathroom with a tub or bathtub/shower combo. What is most important to you is how you intend to use your bathroom.

Keep Hardware and Fixtures Neutral

During a bathroom remodel, there are a great many options to choose from. The best fixtures should be chosen according to your preferences. It is, however, best to stick to neutral accents when it comes to the main fixtures—such as sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs.

Trends in bathroom style are prone to passing. A large fixture can be expensive in the long run and difficult to replace if you change your mind. Furthermore, a dated bathroom may negatively impact the value of your home when it comes time to sell. When it comes time for an upgrade, small fixtures, hardware, and accessories are easier to swap out.

Adjust the Lighting

Think about changing or adding to your current bathroom lighting as part of your remodel project to make the space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Having the main lights dimmed is one way to improve lighting. It’s never fun to take leisurely baths in full artificial light, as anyone who likes this knows. Dimmers let you create the perfect mood.

Additionally, install recessed lighting around the mirror to give your room the best possible lighting for doing your hair, applying makeup, shaving, and other tasks that require a lot of light. If you want to light the shower rather than the area around it, consider adding lighting in the shower itself. The right lighting for your shower might improve its enjoyment (and safety).

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