6 Teacher Gifts Of The Beginning Of The School Year

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6 Awesome Teacher Gifts

I know, I know – we are currently in the midst of summer, but the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching and in the blog world, it is never too early to begin preparing and giving you all ideas!

While giving your teachers gifts is definitely not required by any means, it is a nice touch to say, “thank you for teaching my child” before they officially get started.

Here are 5 teacher gifts for the beginning of the school year:

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One thing that all teachers would agree is a must when working with tons of kids every day, is organization.

My favorite tool to organize my days (and months and years) is a solid planner. For some people, it can even be useful to have one planner for home and one for work.

Teachers can make notes for things like lesson plans, dates of conferences, student goals, or even just some inspirational notes in a work planner.

Many planners even include sections for to-do lists or goal-setting!

A job that can get crazy needs some crazy organization and planners can help teachers achieve that.

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Office Supplies

Not only is this perfect to gift along with a planner, but it can also be useful for SO many things in a teacher’s life. Pens, crayons, markers, paper – all of these things are used so frequently in a classroom setting, that there is no such thing as too much for a teacher!

These materials are valuable for lesson planning, decorating the classrooms and boards, completing fun in-class activities, and, of course, writing in a planner! Office supplies, particularly the ones that are also used by kids, go very quickly throughout the year.

Gift your favorite teacher some of these supplies at the beginning of the school year to keep them stocked up and ready for the craziness of the year.

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A Large Bag

Teachers work with a LOT of kids each day. With all of these kids comes a lot of materials and supplies, many of which are carried back and forth between the teacher’s home and school.

Along with the supplies, teachers might carry a computer, lunches, and all of the other things that “normal” adults carry to work each day.

One of the best gifts you could get a teacher is a trendy, large bag to carry the many things they must transport to-and-from school in.

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Mug and Coffee

Teacher Gifts

Teaching is a tiring job! This one is pretty self-explanatory… Nothing beats a nice, big mug and some good coffee for those long afternoons of lesson planning, meetings, and writing reports.

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A Custom Nameplate

A custom nameplate is a great teacher gift and it would be so unexpected! But, where can you get one, you might be asking?

East Point Foundry is a local Georgia-based company that can help you out. East Point Foundry has been operating 100% in America since 1948 – something that is very rare nowadays.

They offer bronze or aluminum custom nameplates for you to choose from so that you have full control over your namesake. East Point Foundry is Customer Nameplateshighly committed to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and excellence since they first began operating.

With headquarters in East Point, Georgia, they not only create nameplates but can also help you if you have a need for a custom plaque, which could be a great end of the school year gift if the teacher went above and beyond for your child.

East Point Foundry says, “Custom plaques are special. They are a big reflection of both the recipient and the giver. They tell you how important the recipient is and how honorable the giver must be.”

With clients such as Georgia Tech, The University of Alabama, The U.S. Army, The City of Marietta, The National Park Service, and more, you know that East Point Foundry handcrafts a very high-quality product.

So, if you are looking for a custom nameplate or a plaque, head over to East Point Foundry today!

Anything Relaxing

The teachers that you see each and every single day work extremely hard.

Their days are not just 9-5 work days. Instead, they work during the day, watching and teaching your children and then take homework, as well.

At the end of each day, they are exhausted and could definitely benefit from a relaxing gift.

Even if it is just tea and a candle – I am sure that would be much appreciated!

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Teacher Gift Ideas

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1 thought on “6 Teacher Gifts Of The Beginning Of The School Year

  1. As a teacher, I appreciate this list. Over the years, I have received the most thoughtful and creative gifts. The one I remember the most is when a student gave me a pendent that says, “Jesus Loves You.” It has a band attached to it so that I can hand it from anywhere. So, I leave it hanging on my gear shift in my vehicle. For me, that is a cover of protection reminding me that although I may have hard days, as a teacher, I’m doing it for the love of educating children.

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