Become a Witch for Halloween in These 5 Easy Steps

How To Put Together A Simple Witch Costume

Busy Mom, has no fear – you don’t need to go all out for a Halloween Costume. Here’s 5 easy steps to become a Witch for Halloween, with very little effort…

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It’s hard deciding what to dress up as for Halloween. But if caught in a pinch, here’s my go-to ways for puling together a quick Witch costume.

Don’t do your hair…

Unless you want to go for the pretty look, don’t style your hair. Actually, the more tangled, dreaded, and messy it is, the better. Witches most commonly look a little crazy, so if you haven’t washed your hair in a few days leading up to Halloween, then you’ve already mastered this step! #SorryNotSorry

Darker, the Better…

Makeup for a Witch can go many ways. If you want to look very drab and unkempt, simply don’t put any on. oh, and don’t sleep, which honestly, most of us Mothers don’t anyway. This would be easy to achieve. But, if you want to go a little dramatic for Halloween, then remember: The Darker, The Better. Blacken your eyes for a smoldering look, or use a bright orange or purple for effect. Thick black eyeliner (don’t worry if you can’t draw a straight line. Witches are crazy, remember?) with even a few flecks of glitter, will add some glam. Dark red lip color, or even hues of purple or black, will add to the spookiness. Especially if you applied it hours before anyone arrived for the Halloween party (because that’s the only time you had to do it).

Let it flake, let it smear – because a Witch usually isn’t too focused on appearance, what with her time consumed by the kidnapping of children and potion making.

When in Doubt, Go Goth

Unless you have a weird cosplay outfit lying around from the Ren fair, don’t stress about dressing the part. Pretend it’s senior year of highschool, and go goth! With all black clothes, that is.

Long skirts, long sleeves, even your thick black socks with black shoes…you might think you’re dressed for a funeral, but who knows….you can tell trick-or-treaters it might be theirs.

Create a Laugh

A Witch is notoriously crazy…much like a busy Mom without coffee (or rest.). So as you are hurrying to put together those treat bags and the kids costumes, keep yourself sane by working on your cackling laugh! Doesn’t matter how you sound; the goofier, the nuttier, and even the most cringe-worthy of laughs, is best for a witch.

Get a hat!

Ok, this is the most important part. Otherwise, you just look like a crazy lady who hasn’t brushed her hair in a week and ate her angst-ridden teenage daughter’s lipstick. You have to have a witch hat!

Because I hardly ever dress up, nor do I have time for anything elaborate, I will be sporting this beautiful oversized brim Witch Hat!Oversized Wide Brim Witch Hat


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4 thoughts on “Become a Witch for Halloween in These 5 Easy Steps”

  1. I love this witch hat, So Fancy! I usually dress up as a witch because honestly its one of the easiest costumes out there and not expensive! Going to keep your tips in mind as I get dressed up this Halloween!

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