5 Big Red Flags You’re In A Bad Relationship

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5 Big Red Flags You’re In A Bad Relationship

Bad relationships happen to the best of us at times. It’s important to notice the warning signs before you get too committed. If you noticed any of these 5 red flags you’re in a bad relationship… run.

They Make Fun Of You At Your Expense (the first sign of a bad relationship)

There is nothing wrong with occasional gentle ribbing. But, there is something wrong with always being the butt of someone’s ‘joke.’

If your partner is always making fun of you, in ways that are only funny to them, it’s a bad sign. This person doesn’t care much for your emotional well-being.

You can try pointing out how their jokes make you feel undervalued, inadequate, or small. But if your partner isn’t receptive to this, you may want to think about ending the relationship.

You Feel Emotionally Drained After Seeing Them

We’re supposed to feel good when around the people we’re dating, right? Ideally, our romantic partners make for an enjoyable time. But do you ever feel tired or exhausted after spending time with someone?

A few different types of interactions can make you feel drained at the end of the day. This is caused by stress, always being worried about someone’s reactions, or even just negative conversations.

If you don’t leave your partner feeling happy and relaxed, this could be a bad relationship sign.

Fights Are Common In A Bad Relationship

Every couple has disagreements from time to time. But if you find yourself in serious arguments or fights, it can be a huge red flag.

Happy relationships don’t involve fighting a majority of the time. And, if the arguing turns into physical altercations, this is a more serious situation.

Constant conflict is any relationship killer. But if your partner is actually physically hurting you, you need to find a safe place and leave this relationship behind.


While you may not necessarily fight, does your partner make a lot of passive-aggressive comments?

This can be a very indirect way of handling conflict without being direct. But this isn’t healthy and can cause more issues within the relationship down the road.

Try mentioning to your partner that you want to communicate and find solutions to issues. They may refuse, and would rather deal with issues by giving the silent treatment, or making snide remarks. But these behaviors aren’t constructive and give no value to your partnership. You need to reevaluate the relationship, sorry.

You Just Aren’t Happy

It’s natural to feel down every so often. However, when you’re in a good relationship, you won’t find it’s a source of your frustration or sadness.

Not feeling happy, satisfied, or fulfilled after spending time with a loved one? You need to figure out why if you want to make strides to improve the situation. But, if you discover that the above reasons are preventing happiness, I have to admit you’re likely within a bad relationship, that just isn’t working for you.

Identifying the positive and negative attributes of your connection with someone is vital. This not only ensures the future outcomes but helps to learn what aspects of the arrangement need to be worked on. It’s unfortunate, but not everyone is meant for specific people. And that is when we must decide if a relationship is worth working through, or not.



Author: Jasmine

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13 thoughts on “5 Big Red Flags You’re In A Bad Relationship

  1. These definitely are some red flags. I think it’s important to look for them. Nobody should have to be in a bad relationship.

  2. True, we date when we like or we’re in loved with the person, and if that person stresses you, you are in the wrong place.

  3. I lived in a bad relationship for 20+ years because I thought it would be best for my son. I finally had enough and left and life was just so much better to live.

  4. Yes, disagreements in a relationship is normal but if there’s already abuse, then that’s a totally different story. That relationship should end.

  5. You just aren’t happy. It’s such a simple statement, but so true. These are such great tips and seriously important to remember. Thanks for sharing!

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