Learning to Breathe: Finding Stress Relief Within Chaos

Life can get overwhelming!

As a Mother, Wife, and person in general; it’s hard to find center at times. I feel like this isn’t something that can be accomplished all at once either-stress relief a life long journey. And the destination isn’t as important as the steps you take to get there. And it doesn’t always require buying something!

Stress relief can be achieved even when life is at it’s hardest moments. Here’s some things to keep in mind when you’re feeling the weight of the world…that can all be done within yourself.

You have to *try* to remain calm!

I know, easier said than done, right? But one major factor of anxiety and stress relief, is finding Calm. Sometimes, that seems impossible, especially in the moment. But you can’t help a situation by panicking.  Yes, there are times you can’t help but panic. And that’s ok. Remembering to come back down to earth, and count your blessings, will help you calm down. Is there a roof over your head? Is everyone alive? Are you healthy? If the answer to any of those is no, keep counting the blessings you do have. Because until you have stillness, you won’t find clarity. Once you have clarity, you can find a solution.

Focus on what’s important!

When you are at your most stressed point; this is key. You have to focus on the most important things. especially if what’s stressing you out, isn’t really one of them. Your family, your relationships, your career – these things matter. I’m not saying the anxieties you feel with your job, or the fight you had with your spouse isn’t, but look at the bigger picture. Can you work through this? Will these feelings be temporary? Focusing on what’s truly important can help relieve what stress you may feel about the slightly lesser stuff. This is something I’ve had to work on myself, once realizing one day that my Side Hustle was causing rifts in my own marriage. Taking a big step back and looking at what your life is really made of, makes a huge difference.

Don’t be a ‘Yes Person’

By this, I mean don’ take on more than you can handle, at any given time.  It’s not possible to be Super(Wo)man. One person cannot possibly take care of everything! It might start slowly at first: you pick up an extra shift at work once a week, or maybe you’re a SAHM who decided to babysit kids during the summer for extra cash. Maybe you’ve found yourself taking on way too many responsibilities, like heading up the PTA with a full-time job. or deciding you can completely remodel the entire kitchen by yourself while you husband is deployed. I’m no trying to discourage you found extra projects, just make sure you have enough room on the plate. And once you realized your eyes may be bigger than what you’re capable of, there’s no shame in deciding it’s not for you. Nobody can do everything, and you shouldn’t be expected to. Don’t be a “yes” person. I have found great stress relief in the word ‘No.’ 

Learn to Breathe

This is something that should be practiced often. But a big part of stress relief, is taking those moments to just stop, and breathe. By breathe, I mean clear a clouded mind with it’s thoughts and focus on the important things. Too often, one can find themselves in a whirlwind of activity (either in action or just in their mind). This can become overwhelming. When the anxiety sets in, take a step back and just breathe. Remember your end goals, and where importance lies. If this means abandoning a project for a short time, or even ignoring a problem briefly, then do it. Worrying doesn’t solve anything, and you won’t find a solution if your mind is just spinning it wheels over and over again. Blank everything that’s bothering you out, and meditate. Pray. Or just sit in silence without thinking anything! The main point is to center yourself for that clarity. And, to take a break!! The last thing you need is a burnout.

Stress Relief

Sometimes, you gotta say “F*%$ It!”

Whether you like it or not, it’s true. Not every problem can be solved, at least maybe the way you want it to be. Especially if it’s a problem you really can’t do anything about. Just let it go! it’s more harmful to your health to dwell on the negative than it is to just accept, and move on. Your sanity and your body will thank you once you realized some things, aren’t worth stressing over.

There’s nothing wrong with accepting the things that you really, just can’t change.

Stress relief can not truly be bought!

Now, before you throw away all your Bath & Body Works “Stress Relief” line, hear me out. Yes, there’s great products out there that can help relieve anxiety and stress. Lavender can help ease these feelings as well as aid sleep. Passionflower is another old trick for insomnia. Massages help relax you, and can take the edge off a stressful day. But the power isn’t found in the product – it’s found in the products ability to take your mind off the situation!

You can buy all the essential oils and bath bombs you want, but at the end of the day? If you never stopped thinking about the biggest stressor in your life right now as you rubbed those oils on your temple, then they didn’t work, did they? Now you have another problem- getting mad that the $40 worth of peppermint oil and dark chocolate did nothing for you!

Stress Relief is inside you!

But, if you feel the need to have the herbs and home remedies, by all means go for it. But remember-a lot of natural stress relief, is mind over matter. And if your Mind isn’t right, then it doesn’t matter what you try. So while you’re eating chocolate covered strawberries, exercising on your yoga mat with scented candles burning, remember this; Stop focusing on the stress. Eliminate the triggers, and accept the ones you cannot. And Just Breathe.


Learning To Breather: Finding Natural Stress Relief Within Chaos

Author: Jasmine

SAHM to one little boy, and wife to a former member of the USMC. I blog about parenting, relationships, brands I love, and product reviews!

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3 thoughts on “Learning to Breathe: Finding Stress Relief Within Chaos”

  1. This is great advice! I tend to be a “Yes” woman, too, and it only leaves me more stressed when I inevitably take on too much. Learning to say no has been such a relief, as has realizing that I can’t do everything. It has helped me manage my time and my stress!

  2. Such great reminders that I need to be doing! I have really been working on saying NO more often as it does make a huge difference. Good reminder that stress relief can’t always be bought like most things. Great read 🙂

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