How To Find Motivation Right When You Need It Most

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How To Find Motivation Right When You Need It Most

When you are tired from this #momlife, it is hard to find motivation. Motivation to clean is something that you need right at the right time… Here are a couple of tricks of the trade to help you.

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Being a mom is hard…

It takes a lot of energy and time to be a wife and mother to the most important of two (well, 1.5) men. In the evening, I usually feel mentally and physically exhausted.

It would be nice to say every task on the ‘To Do List’ has been completed, but that would not be honest or realistic.

When the day is over, there are always a few things you forget: a load of laundry in the dryer, onions for tomorrow’s stew, and dinner dishes that need to go in the dishwasher…

If you’re tired or if you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to miss some chores.

Being a parent is hard work enough – I rarely find time for anything else. When I do, I find myself playing games with my son, because this is more important than mopping.

Even I have a few projects lying around that range from nearly completed to ‘haven’t even started’. My memory of them usually comes after they’ve completed, and it’s usually too late. The day is over or I lack the motivation to continue.

However, here are a few tips that help me build the motivation necessary to hack it out and get it all done. Let’s begin with…

Motivation from Checklists

Checklists are important to me. For me, seeing things on paper keeps everything in a very cut-and-dry perspective. You won’t lose track of anything if you simply make a list of all the things you need to do that day. The list is always available. What is the best part? Things that aren’t crossed off are simply moved to the next list.

Organizing chore lists make everything easier! During the day, I write two lists: My ‘Must Do’ list and my ‘To Do’ list. In the ‘Must Do’ list, you’ll find the things I have to accomplish that day. We all have everyday tasks such as doing the laundry, mopping the floors, going to the store, etc.

On my ‘To Do’ list, I include those extra projects that require me to have the time and opportunity to complete. Our wedding pictures are being printed for our frames (there are still three to fill). Changing the elastics in a few Flip Cloth Diaper covers. Toenail painting.

Mostly, I need a reminder to keep me on track with things I want to do.  A good day for me is if I can cross off one more project a day from that list.

When my ‘Must Do’ list is complete, then I start that list. This is my motivation to get the ‘Must Do’ list completed – I can paint my toenails! I can start that scrapbook I’ve been meaning to start. Fun and important things can coexist in my life.

My motivation is to finish all the necessary tasks of the day first, even if I only get around to finishing one thing on that list. Similar to the popular, “Do your homework before you play video games.”

Slowly but surely…

Additionally, the checklist keeps me from feeling overwhelmed throughout the day.

It’s daunting to think of everything that needs to get accomplished in a single day. Suddenly, snuggling with the baby and watching Grey’s Anatomy seems a lot more appealing than vacuuming.

I personally get a lot more done when I can say, “For now, we’re going to do the floors. Ok, the floors are done-now I can tackle the breakfast bar.” I don’t even look at the laundry room floor or the mountains of towels in the corners. The breakfast bar is what I’m focusing on – not that.

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Browse Pinterest For Inspiration

Although this seems counter-productive, it can actually motivate you.

While browsing Pinterest for organization and decoration ideas for the closet, I am reminded that before I can do anything new; I need to deal with the piles of folded laundry on the floor.

I love the idea of installing hooks on the cabinet doors for my pots and lids-and it will force me to remove everything to prepare for it. In order to create a flower bed by my front door, I must first pull all the weeds before planting the flowers.

Seeing a picture of completion helps me push through unappealing tasks like cleaning the garage. Our storage closet under the stairs has been transformed into an area where we stuff everything we do not want to see. It’s time to go through it, so I’m thinking of new ways to organize it, and how to make some of the clutter useful.

While I don’t want to declutter my bathroom, I know I have a stack of wire baskets that could be put to better use. I also know I have a great bathroom decor/organizer idea. The baskets are in the back of the closet, so I have to finish the cleaning before going to the fun part.

In the end, it’s all about perspective… When it’s all said and done if I don’t do it…

I’m okay with leaving for another day…motivation is still there

You can always abandon the lists if you have to-just snuggle with the baby or play on the floor with the toddler. Make a call to a friend! Spend a few minutes recharging, so you’ll feel more energized when you tackle chores and projects again. 

Whether you complete it now or tomorrow, it will be there. If you really aren’t up for it today, the worst thing you can do is overwhelm yourself so much that you can’t do anything tomorrow. Don’t worry – don’t stress!

Author: Jasmine

SAHM to one little boy, and wife to a former member of the USMC. I blog about parenting, relationships, brands I love, and product reviews!

18 thoughts on “How To Find Motivation Right When You Need It Most

  1. I always give myself the 20 min talk when I cant find my motivation.. Just spend 20 min and see how it goes, I usually end up finding more motivation after!

  2. Yes, sometimes we need days where we just do nothing! And lists help me out as well. My memory stinks so I forget easily.

  3. Yeah I agree to all these, my mommy friends always tells me about these kinds of scenarios or situations when they can’t have time for anything else. Glad to read motivation post like this.

  4. A checklist is something I’ve always use and still to this day love it! Going for a nature walk allows me to tap into my creativity as well and yes to Pinterest!

  5. I often use lists too as a parent myself. Honestly, it feels great to cross things off once completed.

  6. I can completely relate. Managing two little girls sometimes I find it hard to clean. I needed to read this, this is just what I needed.

  7. I love your post! My mom always told me growing up, “all the dust will still be here, even after we’re all gone.” I think what she meant was, clean what really bothers you or really needs cleaning. Obsessing over cleaning or being on a cleaning schedule will just cause stress. Enjoying life and being there for our kids is our number one priority.

  8. This was the perfect thing to read right about now! I have been losing so much motivation being so overwhelmed by the mess and the busy schedule. Checklists are life! Thank you!

  9. I have to write my daily tasks down on paper even though I use my calendar/planner on my phone. Also, I am finally okay with some things waiting until the next day. We can’t do everything all the time.

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