Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint – Book Review

Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint Explained

Need the inspiration to motivate yourself to start the journey of those entrepreneurial dreams? Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint is the book that every budding business person needs, and here’s why…

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What is Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint

Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint, details exactly how its author, Mikey Moran, began his own journey.

Simply taking one idea, and within 7 years turning it into not only ten different brands. But, also opening 5 retail locations and partnering with Shopify (the eCommerce Powerhouse).

You’re probably familiar with this CEO’s company, Private Label Extensions (and remember my review of their lashes). You may already be on Beauty Clout, the beauty influencer marketing platform if you’re a beauty influencer.

Now, you can glean insight from the Master himself…

Amazon #1 Best Seller…

Yes, this book made the best-seller list, and with good reason! Moran has laid out exactly what it took to turn his dream into a reality. Often, this is the kind of push every person needs to realize their potential and start making moves.

Easy to understand, you won’t become bogged down by jargon, or sales pitches. Fearless Beauty is the book every entrepreneur with a dream needs on their shelf.

Not Just For Those In The Beauty Industry…

You might be thinking, “How is this going to help me? I want to start my business as a personal trainer!”

While Mikey Moran may be a mogul in the hair industry, that’s not exactly what Fearless Beauty is all about. The lessons that can be learned from this book will apply to any business or trade.

From conception to branding, to marketing; there’s a wealth of knowledge within this book to use as a business guide (Again, it is the blueprint!).

But aside from the technical aspects of building a business, Moran details more personal aspects many can relate to. Starting a business from the ground up. The struggles and sacrifices one must make to succeed. Even touching on life with ADHD and how to overcome common setbacks, like negative feedback and self-doubt.

Good, sound business advice is just that – and it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. But, if you’re specifically looking to create your own hair or makeup brand; this book is a must-read!

Everyone can be reminded of the basics…

Even if you’re an established brand owner; there’s nothing wrong with brushing up on the fundamentals. Especially if you find your growth slowing, or just feel stuck in your business plan.

The inspiration found in Mikey Moran’s book is a real breath of fresh air. If you haven’t started that dream career yet, this book will make you want to begin. If you’re already on that path, it will motivate you to keep grinding. And, should you feel you’re at a difficult point and need answers, this book may have the exact one you need.

Where to buy Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint now…

Post contains affiliate links

You can buy Fearless Beauty; The Hair Business Blueprint from Amazon, available in hardcover edition or on Kindle. If you want more pro tips from Mikey Moran, check out mikeymoran.com for blog posts on beauty, health, and entrepreneurship!

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3 thoughts on “Fearless Beauty: The Hair Business Blueprint – Book Review

  1. What a great read for small business owners and startups. I bet there is so much great info in here…thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow I just love the idea of this and while I don’t want to start a hair biz this is totally relevant. In the end, business is business and the basics win out.

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