Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra-Does It Work?

On the market for a backless bra?

With summer about to be in full swing, women everywhere are looking for the perfect backless bras to compliment their outfits. So does the (growing in popularity) Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra by Holly O work? I tried it, and this was my experience…

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Those magic bras!

So, you may have seen these “magic bras” on Instagram, or promoted by other beauty vloggers on YouTube; super adhesive seamless bras that add cup size, and are perfect for any style neckline/backless outfits. There’s a lot of different brands out there, but I had the opportunity to try Holly O’s version of their Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra.

Magic Shaping Self- Adhesive Bra

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone, made for sensitive skin, and totally reusable
  • Seamless, perfect for backless options and sheer clothing
  • Adheres directly to skin, but comfortable while wearing and easy removal
  • Front tie clasp/drawstring makes it super easy to create more cleavage and support when necessary

But does it work???

So, while our breastfeeding days are nearly behind us, I don’t have the supply I used to. Otherwise, if I still experienced leaking, I never would have tried this. And because our breastfeeding days are nearly gone, so are my breasts! Well, reduce in size, anyway. So with an open mind, I tried this Instagram-loved Oolala Magic Shaping Self-Adhesive Bra, and here’s what I found…

  • The adhesive does bond pretty well, but be warned, too many attempts to readjust will make it less-sticky. never fear, after a light washing, once dry the adhesive gel does regenerate and return to normal.
  • It’s pretty seamless, but if you’re wearing anything too low/really tight, you may be able to see the tie clasp in the front.
  • It does create cleavage, but if pulled too tightly, you may notice the edges of the bra to become “unstuck” to your skin.
  • It’s really not that supportive. Creates cleavage, but I found no lift while using this. Straps create lift, so for halters and backless options where you want a more natural look, sans nipples, this would work.
  • Cannot wear if you have used lotion, perfume, any kind of powders or anything at all, on your skin. If you DO breastfeed and have leaking problems, or sweat a lot-be prepared for this bra to literally fall off. It’s for DRY skin only!!!

Final Score?

I would give this 4 outta 5 stars. It didn’t give me the lift I was looking for, but does create a significant amount of cleavage. It’s comfortable (as much as a stick-on bra can be!), and totally seamless. I do wish the tie clasp was less noticeable, and it had better lift support. But all in all-very effective!!

I want to thank Holly O for letting me try their Oolala Magic Shaping Self- Adhesive Bra, and I want to know, ladies-have you tried one yet? What did you think?

Holly O Oolala Self Adhesive Bra

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