Responsible Gun Ownership And a Review of Quick Barrel’s Gun Magnet

Quick Barrel Gun Magnet


Yes, I’m a gun owner

This may come as a shock to some of you. To others, it might make sense. But since becoming a Mom, nothing has been more important than protecting my child – by whatever means necessary.

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I didn’t grow up with a lot of guns around. I was, however, taught that you should never touch one (if) you find it, and get an adult. So because I wasn’t completely sheltered to them, I never feared them either. I understood and respected guns. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my son, that I started considering owning one myself. Actually, the moment I was at a gas station just trying to fill up (8 weeks pregnant) and a man wouldn’t take no for an answer when soliciting my change, is the moment that made me decide. Luckily, an off-duty police officer got the man to leave me alone, but the incident left a lasting impression. What if I was totally alone? What if that incident turned into a robbery (which I’m certain it would have had the officer not saw what was going on and stepped in)?

At my husband’s urging, I decided to buy a gun.

Responsible gun ownership

Now, hear me out. I am not saying every Mother should go out and buy a gun. I believe if you are uncomfortable around them, and don’t know how to use them-it’s not something you should buy. And if you do want a gun, you first need to learn to be responsible with it. Yes, gun deaths happen when kids are able to have access to them-which is why proper gun safety by adults needs to be practiced. 

While I have a carry permit, I still don’t carry my gun while I have my son with me (I do avoid gas stations in Jacksonville, Fla at night though). I do keep it locked away in the center console of my truck. Yes, locked away, so it can’t be accessed. And in our home, where my husband has a variety of guns for hunting purposes, we keep them put away-in locked cabinets, in locked rooms our child can’t get to. I don’t believe guns are bad, and I won’t teach my son guns are bad. I will teach him proper gun safety, when he is old enough. And I also believe that not enough people are taught this themselves, and that’s when accidents happen. When you have children, firearms need to be locked, put away, unloaded, where tiny humans can’t reach them. 

Quick Barrel Gun Magnet

I’ve had the opportunity to try the new gun magnet, by Quick Barrel. Now, this can be installed either in your home, or in your car, and it’s designed to hold your gun securely (but provide easy access in case of emergency). The magnet force holds up to 25lbs, but it’s design is ideal for a handgun, which is what you would have for home defense. What I like about this is Quick Barrel Gun Magnetthe versatility. I wanted to install it in my closet, near the ceiling. Perfect location to keep away from tiny humans, but if I’m home alone and someone is breaking in downstairs, I can quickly get it and load it. As you can see from this video of my husband giving his first impressions, and attempting to install it, the design idea is great (but not executed well – this is why men should read instructions first!). He did end up installing it in his jeep (which our son doesn’t ride in, it’s more my husband’s car than a family vehicle).

Cons about this magnet:Quick Barrel Gun Magnet

  • Finish wears off quick-like the first time you use it. Meh.
  • The screws they provide, as seen in epic fail video, aren’t long enough to bolt…well, anywhere.
  • 3m tape, while strong, may not do well in extreme heat…like the inside of your car in southern Georgia.

The pros…

  • Really strong magnet! I had trouble getting it unstuck to things, and you have more trouble pulling directly away. Much easier to draw the object from the magnet, which should be a natural inclination if you carry a firearm.
  • Holds 25lbs…which is basically, any handgun (they aren’t that heavy).
  • Durable..expect for paint job, which isn’t necessary.

And I’m planning on buying another to install (correctly) in the top of my closet wall-several feet away from my child, and hidden to outsiders. Easily accessible to me alone, but impossible for tiny humans.

And my husband can keep this one installed in his car-which because most gun owners do keep a firearm in their vehicles, I would recommend this as a way of securing for optimal space saving.

I’m not going to preach any views to you, because that’s not what this post is about. But I do believe I have a right, as much as anyone else, to protect my family. And with that right, it must be done correctly. Which means, if you are going to have a firearm in your home (with children), you must be responsible. Responsible gun ownership means keeping your weapons put away, out of reach of children, unloaded and secured. The Quick Barrel Gun Magnet provides versatility in this aspect

Responsible Gun ownership and Quick Barel's Gun Magnet

Author: Jasmine

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2 thoughts on “Responsible Gun Ownership And a Review of Quick Barrel’s Gun Magnet”

  1. So important for all adults in a house with guns present to be aware of safe storage. The magnet is interesting. I didn’t know such a thing existed.

  2. I don’t own a gun, though I’m not oppose to it, so this is nice to see. I told my husband that if we ever decide to get a gun that we need to be responsible and safe.

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