How Kids Can Receive Letters From The North Pole For Christmas

How Kids Can Receive Letters From The North Pole For Christmas

Our little gestures towards our kids help keep the magic of Christmas alive. How about receiving a personalized letter from the North Pole? It’s simple, easy to do, and benefits a worthy cause at Christmas! 

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Building Traditions as a Family

Christmas is a time for kids to feel the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. It’s also a time for families to bond over sharing these traditions passed down through the generations. They’ll love these traditions, so it’s important you introduce them to your kids at a young age.

We only have our children so long, so when they get excited for Santa Claus to visit, it really does add a special touch to the holiday season to incorporate old traditions. As well as create new ones.

Despite the fact that they will eventually realize the truth, there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to believe in Santa Claus. Holiday traditions passed from generation to generation help keep the spirit of Santa Claus alive.

We are keeping up the tradition of receiving letters from Santa Claus himself, and it’s easier to do than you might expect. The letters from the North Pole are also helping make Christmas less stressful for children in need, as well as making Christmas just a little bit more magical.

How To Get Personalized Letters From Santa At The North Pole

With you can receive a personal, real letter from Santa! A fine piece of linen paper is used for each letter and beautiful seals are also embossed on them to add that special touch. In order to keep your kids on track leading up to their holiday, you’ll receive a “Good Boys & Girls” Certificate, and this should keep them on a positive behavior path.

In addition, you will receive a “Nice List” that includes the names of your children and even a few of their friends. Those who are skeptical of Santa can now get a map pointing out Santa’s route to your home (from the North Pole). Postmarks on letters from Santa Claus originate at his North Pole address as well. In case there is any further need for evidence.

Several packages are available, including door hangers, magnets, mugs, and more. Personalized letters from Santa Claus are included in every package!

Children enjoy getting these letters from Santa Claus in the mail, and their belief in him lasts a little bit longer. During this holiday season, we could always use a little more magic in our lives. Letters direct from the North Pole, written by Santa himself, is a wonderful tradition to start.

Toys For Tots

Among’s most amazing characteristics is how it helps children have magical Christmases. I am personally a fan of Toys for Tots, which receives 10% of profits. Toys For Tots has been distributing Christmas presents to children in need since 1947. Since my husband was a former Marine, Toys For Tots is an important program that our family fully supports.

You can learn more about Toys For Tots here.

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