Groove Life Groove Belt; Why this is the only belt you need!

Groove Life Groove Belt

Groove Life Groove Belt; Why this is the only belt you need!

The struggle to find a fashionable, functional belt is real. Groove Life now has the Groove Belt and I’m going to explain why this is literally the only belt you need!

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Buying belts for women can get frustrating…

If you have a body type like mine, it can be difficult to find a belt that wasn’t located in the kid section of the store. The other alternative is punching extra holes in a belt you do like from the adult section of the store. And honestly, they never look quite right when you do that. Sure, we have plenty of fashionable options for belts, but functionality isn’t always available.

It’s quite a conundrum; do we pick the belts that are cute, or make do with what we can find that works? And then hope that whatever we choose actually lasts a few years. It’s no conspiracy-but some products such as belts, marketed to women, don’t tend to last over time very well.

I was so happy when Groove Life reached out about their new Groove Belt! The silicone wedding rings from this brand,  are a staple of my wardrobe when I don’t feel like wearing my normal rings. So I know top quality is a must! But how do their belts work?

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Groove Life Groove Belt

The Groove Belt is made with neodymium magnets and has an A380 aluminum alloy buckle. As the owner of a vast array of other belts for women, I can tell you, the quality of those other belts is nothing like Groove Life!Groove Belt

I love the materials of the belt itself, as it’s comfortable and fits all my jeans! The end of the belt tucks neatly and doesn’t fly out, ruining my outfit. And I don’t have to deal with holes that just don’t quite fit my body by being either too loose or too tight! The buckle itself is probably my favorite feature, as these powerful magnets really keep the buckle in place. They snap together with ease and don’t move unless I want them too.

Note: Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful. If you have a pacemaker or other medical implants that can be comprised by wearing a magnet, you need to ask your doctor before using this belt! Please be aware swallowing one of these magnets require immediate medical attention!

Groove Life Groove Belt

Sizing and Style

The Groove Belt comes in very simple sizing options – you just go by your pant size! This is awesome for someone like me who struggles with needing smaller belts usually not found in stores, and need adjustments made. Available in Small(28″ – 32″), Medium(33″-36″), Large(37″-40″) and X-Large(41″-50″) pant sizes. The style is also unisex, making Groove Belt perfect for men, women, and every gender in between!

This post contains affiliate links

Where to find Groove Belt

You can buy the Groove Life Groove Belt on the Groove Life website here. You can also find these belts at Amazon. This is literally the only belt I need – it matches everything, it’s easy to wear, and looks amazing!

Have you tried Groove Life products yet?

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  1. This is cool. This sit first time I have heard about the brand and they have interesting products. Will check out the belts and the silicon ring as you recommended. Thank you for sharing this.

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