Physical Activity Made Super Easy For Busy Moms

Physical Activity Tips For Busy Moms #exercise

Exercise Can be Hard To Schedule…

Especially if you’re a busy Mother!

Don’t worry – here’s some tips for incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine. And it only takes a little tweaking…

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Stop Saving Your Steps!

As a mom, we are used to trying to make the most out of our steps.

After you carry laundry upstairs to be put away, you also grab your son’s backpack along the way over. Maybe even with some air freshener under your arm, because you plan on”‘restocking” that bathroom cabinet.

Usually, the idea is that you want to “save your steps” and get as much accomplished in that one trip upstairs, as possible.

Instead, make a point to not only handle tasks one at a time, but incorporate as many extra physical steps as possible. The point here isn’t to waste time, but rather to increase the number of steps you’re taking.

Extra steps = physical activity you wouldn’t have otherwise!

You can always use a step-counter to monitor your activity and set goals for yourself as well!

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Park In The Back!

This goes back to increasing your steps, but it’s a good trick to increasing your daily physical activity.

Everyone naturally wants to park as close to entrances as they can.

Instead, pick the far side of the parking lot (as long as it’s DAYLIGHT AND SAFE).

Sure, it may take a little longer to reach the business you’re going in. But, you’re getting extra physical activity, and that’s the point.

Just make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger, ladies. Stick to the daytime and embrace the walk!

Running as physical activity

Plan A Run-Date!

This is something you can easily get the kids in on.

Plan a playdate, or outdoor excursion, that involves running!

Ballparks make great running tracks (when not in use). It’s super easy for the kids, and you, to exercise a bit! Let them run while you speed walk the bases.

Or, take jogs through your neighborhood, and get your friends involved!

When you plan a specific activity that you can get your family and friends in on, it’s easier to accomplish. And, it’s way more motivating that just going alone!

Dance It Out

Yes, I’m a big advocate for dance as Exercise!

But think about it – instead of walking around the house doing chores, why not dance your way there?

Or, at the office – you could just dance your way to the break room!

But I’ll look weird…

No, you won’t. Ok, maye if you’re a naturally bad dancer.

But honestly, your physical activity is way more important than what your coworkers, your kids, or even the cat thinks.

Have some fun and do a little jig around the kitchen – your body will feel better for it!

How To Incorporate More Physical Activity In Your Daily Routine #motherhood #exercise #lifestyle

Author: Jasmine

SAHM to one little boy, and wife to a former member of the USMC. I blog about parenting, relationships, brands I love, and product reviews!

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8 thoughts on “Physical Activity Made Super Easy For Busy Moms”

  1. These are great tips. As busy moms, spontaneous exercise is hard to come by but planning for it really helps. Thanks for the tips!

  2. When I was on maternity leave with our second son I was doing a lot of spontaneous excercises, but now, when working, I am just trying to go twice a week to the gym, and not to skip any lesson.

  3. Ooohh!! I love the ‘Plan a Run Date’ idea!! My regular jogs have fallen off the bandwagon of late and I’d love to get back into the routine. This idea kills two birds with one stone so to speak – kids playtime and my exercise time! Love it!!

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