Language Building with Super Skills Box

Super Skills Box Language Building

There’s a ton of ways you can help strengthen your child’s vocabulary. Now there’s a new subscription box that promises language building in just 4 minutes a day; Super Skills Box!

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Broadening Your Child’s Language & Vocabulary…

My husband speaks a total of 3 different languages, and that’s just what he’s fluent in. So teaching our child different languages is very important to us. Of course, you must walk before you can run. And even at nearly two, we are working towards broadening his understanding of the English language. So while this subscription box is for children a lot older than my son, I still loved being able to review it, and it gave me ideas for using with the little one.

The Super Skills Box is aimed at kids aged 8+, and is a great way to work on new vocabulary words, and strengthen their language skills. Every month you receive a new box, which you only need to dedicate at least 4 minutes a day to! My box came complete with;

  • Two sets of word cards
  • Puzzle & Game booklet to be used with the cardsSuper Skills Box Language Building
  • Stickers, magnet, and The Road Map to Success (which helps guide you through using the Super Skills Box)

You can watch my review video here on YouTube as I go a little more in-depth on what I received and how to use the Super Skills Box to strengthen your child’s language and vocabulary skills…

But in case you didn’t watch it…

The Super Skills Box is simple, but highly engaging. One set of cards your child uses with the puzzle book. The engaging Puzzle & Game book will keep your child reading, learning, and succeeding with new vocabulary words without becoming bored. The other set can be used anywhere-stick a word card in the backpack, in the car, anywhere you want the kids to find and read. ┬áThe Road Map To Success will help give you some ideas on how to involve the entire family with Super Skills Box! Great ideas like using a “word of the day” at the dinner table, and putting that word on the refrigerator by the nifty magnet included in the box.

I love how entertaining the games & puzzles are-and I love the word choice selection within the Super Skills Box I received. So while my son isn’t quite ready for this now, I can at least begin using some of these more advanced vocabulary words around him, and even at nearly 2 years old, it will help his language skills.

You can get your own Super Skills Box here, and learn more about their amazing product. I do highly recommend this, as it appears to be a great tool to help strengthen your child’s vocabulary and language skill set!

Language & Vocabulary Building with Super Skills Box

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