Kidibank™ Positive Parenting App For Families

KidiBank Financial Education Management App

Time to start giving allowances?

Most families do it-and now there’s a really innovative way to teach your children financial responsibility. Introducing the Kidibank™ positive parenting app.

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Now, when most parents my age were children earning an allowance, KidiBank Financial Education Management Appdifferent factors come into play. What I did to earn said allowance, how it would be spent, etc. Now in today’s digital age, keeping track of money earned, chores, and planning events can be simplified with KidiBank™!

Kidibank™ is a allowance, goals, and screen time tracker, to help you keep tabs on everything, and teach your kids the importance of earning (and saving).

Kidibank™ Details

What’s really cool about this app, is the customization.

KidiBankpositive parenting app can be set up per your family’s financial goals, situations, and values.  KidiBank Allowance App

Allowances can be split within three main banks – Allowance Money, “Stars” and “Screen Time.” The “Stars” can be traded in for allowance money, or screen time.

Goals can be set up to earn towards a bank – like “Setting The Dinner Table”, “Brushing Your Teeth”, or “Random Act Of Kindness” – whatever you want to have your child actively participate in, in order to earn their allowance.

Up to 4 adults and six children can be added onto an account that is shared across all devices within the family. Accounts can be added or deleted at any time. Kidibank™  is available for a $12.99 yearly subscription,  now available in all stores with a FREE month trial!KidiBank Allowance App

  • Statements is the easiest way to keep track of all child account balances
  • Keep track of goal progress, and adjust payments via the Pay Weekly section
  • A handy calculator feature helps you manage your child’s account when you’re out and about (just in case they need $5 to on on a carnival ride, you can make adjustments for giving out cash, and add it onto their statement)
  • Timer Tool helps facilitate and track screen time set across your children’s profiles
  • The Target Tool can also help you set a goal with your children, with a time frame-once completed, you can add funds, or spend towards a reward!
  • Big Days is an awesome feature that incorporates friends and relatives – say your son wants a theme park for his birthday party? Set up the event so Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, and family friends can send money via Paypal towards the goal.

unique child interface

The children’s interface is also customizable with engaging characters and color schemes to select, complete with their own name. They will be able to access their current allowance balance, and read (or hear for younger children) their goals in order to earn. Screen time can only be accessed via Adult account (so they can’t hack it).

Kidibank™ Family competition

Kidibank™ is also running a great competition, where each month they pick a new family to receive $100 towards a Big Day Event of their choice!KidiBank Big Day Event Competition

Giving children an allowance is so much more than just getting them to do chores. You’re teaching the value of a dollar earned. Instilling a work ethic, how to create (and achieve) goals, and promoting confidence in skills. I think it’s awesome that the children’s interface really engages the child with their goal list, and encourages completion. Another awesome feature, is the “screen time” allowance, which right now with my son only being 2, we don’t have a problem with. But it’s coming, and I know the struggles some parents have with this battle. When you can easily set a goal for 30 minutes of screen time after two hours of outside play, the battle can be won!

Have you tried the Kidibank™ app? Let me know what you think below!

KidiBank™ Positive Parenting App


Author: Jasmine

SAHM to one little boy, and wife to a former member of the USMC. I blog about parenting, relationships, brands I love, and product reviews!

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4 thoughts on “Kidibank™ Positive Parenting App For Families”

  1. This sounds like such an awesome app. I have an 8 yr old.. and this may be good to help him understand the value of money and how to use it accordingly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have a chore/behavior chart that’s just for the things they are expected to do as a member of the family. We have started allowance to be split between spend/save/share that is for other chores. This would be so helpful to track that! There’s nothing like all 3 of the older kids asking how much money in allowance they each have while in the middle of a store!

  3. I love the idea of this app! I have been struggling with keeping the details straight with my son over what he actually does versus what he is getting paid for. This is a great way to have him see the statement of payment for completed chores as well as have goals for his spending. Nothing worse than seeing your kid have a hole in their pocket!

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