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Let's Be Chef's Meal Planning A[p

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Let's Be Chef's Meal Planning App

Figuring out meals for the family can be frustrating at times-as a SAHM, I worry about being repetitive. But, even I have busy days where I find it hard to decide exactly what to put together (so I can imagine working full-time and having trouble with time). Meal planning apps can be one of the most useful items in your phone! And today, I want to share this one!

Stop worrying about what’s for dinner

The new Let’s Be Chefs app is pretty simple, but very unique – each week, you will have a new menu of meals to Choose from. The meals themselves are fairly easy to make, and pass the “Kid Test.” What makes this meal planning app unique, is the rating system – it uses the ratings you provide, and learns your tastes. So after using it for a few weeks, the app will give you more options that are more suitable to your personal preferences. You don’t have to worry about getting complicated dish totally out of left field – or too expensive to prepare! Let's Be Chefs Meal Planning App

Help with preparation & grocery shopping!

Another really cool feature-when you select the meals you wish to cook this week, the app helps you prepare a grocery list. It will also let you set a time specified for dinner, and send you reminders of when to start cooking! Which, is incredibly handy – especially if, like me, you forget that you need X amount of time to prepare something you really want until it’s almost dinner time. And with the grocery list, you’ll never forget that you need onions for that meatloaf (before you start cooking).Let's be chefs meal planning app

Easy Recipes

The recipes themselves aren’t hard to accomplish. Everything is well detailed, and while cooking times may slightly vary, it’s really only depending on the actual user. None of the recipes are overly fancy, or expensive to prepare – Let’s Be Chefs is designed for families! So no need to worry about all your suggestions falling into the “fancy 5 star restaurant” category, or being unaffordable.  Everything recipe offered is also “kid Let's Be Chefs meal planning appfriendly.”

And the menu is completely customized to your specific preferences (based on your ratings), unlike a lot of other meal planning apps.









Grocery Lists Can Be Synced!

Another awesome feature, is that you can share and sync your grocery lists with your partner across multiple devices! Making it so much easier to add things to your grocery list for your spouse to pick up on the way home. No need for extra texts, phone calls, or paper lists you’ll leave on the breakfast bar.

Try Before You Buy!

Let’s Be Chefs allows you a free 30-day trial, so you can try it out before committing! And it’s available through both iOS and Android devices!

I want to take the time to thank let’s be Chefs for working with me, and I want to ask you-have you tried this app? Let me know what you think!

Let's Be Chefs Meal Planning App takes all the frustration out of putting dinner on the table - available on iOS and Android

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