Crystal Escobar’s Meal Plan: Review and Giveaway!

So i was recently given the opportunity to review this awesome, mostly gluten-free/vegan meal plan, written by Crystal Escobar. Now, if you’re familiar with my pictures on Instgram, or know me personally, I know what you’re thinking; “You don’t need to lose any weight!”

Now, I won’t lie, this is true-I lost all my baby weight within the first ten weeks of my son’s life. I also hate exercise. I’ll do it, but I hate it. It’s all my inner-Smegol can do to get inner-Gollum off the couch and away from the tacos. And sorry, not sorry, but I can’t give up meat. So with my 110lb skinny-ass in mind, I do realize that I need to at least try to eat healthier, especially for my husband and son – they eat what I eat, because I cook. So I’ve been playing with a few things in this meal plan, and I like it!

We can’t do lentils, chickpeas, or any hummus in this house- Ryan is allergic, and I think it’s unfair to have things he can’t eat here. That, and I don’t wanna accidentally kill him (not yet anyway). Which I know is gonna be hard with our son, because I can’t MAKE him eat his peas when Daddy doesn’t have to. So for a few of the recipes, I’ll have to wait until someone is away on business or hunting trips to try. Which sucks because I actually like Hummus.

One thing we have been doing for breakfast are the kefir smoothies. We already are big on mixed fruit here, so these were easy to make. I did have to lie about adding spinach though 😉
And the granola with fresh fruit and almond milk – again, we are big on mixed fruit, so I’ve been using bananas, blueberries and strawberries (once I was brave with kiwi). After a few days, Ryan opted out for real cow’s milk, which is fine for him. What I love about this guide is that you can stray from it, if you really need to. And again, I’m not trying to lose any weight, just be healthier, so this was an okay compromise.

I honestly tried the BLT, and while it’s good-I love bread. Like, I really LOVE bread, so this was harder. But one dish I did really enjoy was the take on spaghetti with a zucchini twist- Zoodles w/marinara sauce. I don’t own a Zoodle maker, so I cut the zucchini in thin strips and let me tell you-so good!

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to take pictures this week-food doesn’t last long around here as is, but I am happy to report that with Crystal’s help, we are doing a giveaway!

If you would like to try this meal plan, we are giving away a free copy of her book. Follow the steps listed on this Instagram pic.

The giveaway will be active until May 26th, 2016. You MUST follow all instructions listed to be placed in the raffle copter to be randomly drawn for the FREE BOOK!

You can check out Crystal’s Blog here, facebook,& instagram! And I want to say thank you again for the opportunity to try these great recipes, as this family is getting closer to healthier eating!

Win a Free Copy! Go to our Instagram!


Author: Jasmine

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