Busy Mom With No “Makeup Time”

 I’m a busy mom with no “makeup time”

I can get the baby (and husband) looking picture perfect in ten minutes, flat. Myself, is a different story. Like most women, I need time. I need to be able to shampoo, condition, blowdry, and style my hair. Outfits need coordinating.  My shoes must be pondered. But realistically speaking? #Aintnobodygottimefodat… Especially a Busy Mom.

The most wonderful time of the year…

Every Mom wants to look her best during the holidays, if no other time of the year. There’s family to entertain, pictures to take, and commitments to meet. The last thing any of us want, is to be remembered as looking tired, haggard, or stressed.

There’s a few things I do, and use, when pressed for time before a big social event http://wp.me/p7XODP-g1 @jasminea5100

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Prep Early

If I need my toenails painted, I do it the night before. Clothes are laid out and pressed, once I’m sure I won’t change my mind. Which, is actually also done for the baby. And I make sure he’s ready before I’m ready. That way, if I need to scale back to keep from running behind, at least the baby is done. Even if whatever event isn’t until six hours, if I can go ahead and take 10 minutes to straighten my hair, I’ll do it. Busy Mom’s need to utilize their time wisely, so wherever you can save it and prep early, the better.

Ask for help

If my husband can keep our son from spilling juice on his Christmas sweater, while I’m trying to finish my makeup, it’s a win-win. I’m not freaking out over looking bad, and the baby’s white sweater won’t have stains on it. If anyone is around that can help hold the fort down, while you get dressed, take advantage of it. You’ll do a better job on your appearance if you don’t have to chase the kids around for a few minutes.

Stick to necessities…

While we all love curling (or straightening!) our hair, sometimes we need to delegate our time wisely. Most busy moms are known for their up-dos anyway! When I simply can’t justify spending time on it, a neat bun will do. You can also add in cute clips for a festive touch! And with necessities in mind, stick to the basics when running behind; Foundation, mascara, lipcolor. A little goes a long way! A good eyeliner never hurts either, and is my most used tool!

Quick Tips for Getting a Glam Party Look!Busy Mom with no "Makeup Time

Today, I’ve been swapping makeup tips with Nicole, at Cold Coffee and Chaos so if you want to see my main tools/products I use when I need to hurry, check it out (as well as some other awesome tips!) – while we may be Busy moms, we can still look our best when we really need to.


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Shopping With Sticky Web Domains Marketplace

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sticky Web Domains, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Shopping for Hi-tech Electronics this holiday season?

Yes, it’s that time of year.  Christmas and Hanukkah are just a few weeks away. Most people are going into overdrive to make sure they get their shopping done. And it can get a little overwhelming when shopping online, as convenient as it totally is!
That’s why I was more than happy to explore the Sticky Web Domains Marketplace, and take a break from the more popular internet shopping sites.

So what is the Sticky Web Domains Marketplace?

In essence, it’s a great site to buy all the popular, and most Hi-tech electronic gadgets! They have a wide variety of products, from computers, tablets, video game consoles, smart watches-you name it! Their vast selection of Apple products is impressive – they have everything!
With a family of a lot of men and young boys, this site was a gem for finding Christmas presents! Everyone in my family loves gadgets, so this site made shopping for gifts so much easier. The marketplace is easy to navigate. The collections (such as their Ipods/Mp3 players, Video Game Consoles, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Cell Phones) showcase all their products, in a neat and organized menu. If you have something specific in mind, you can easily search for it. What I also loved about the design of this site, was the lack of ads, or “slightly related” products that tend to distract me from my goal on other sites.
For instance, this was intended for my brother in law: apple ipad air 2 128gb, wi-fi, 9.7in – space gray (latest model)

Big selection, Great Deals, and safe!

Their selection of all the newest, and most popular products, is awesome! All of the big brand video game consoles are listed, as well as the most current Apple products. Which right now, is probably going to be a Godsend when most other retailers start running out of stock. And of course, when that happens, prices go up. I was able to find exactly what I had on my list, for a deal!
The Daily Deals is also super handy – because who doesn’t want a great deal (especially this time of year)? You can also snag discounts up to 10% off, just by following or liking the Sticky Web Domains Marketplace social media accounts (like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). So there’s more money saved!
Sticky Web Domains Marketplace has a nice, easy to navigate layout. And unlike a lot of online stores, you don’t spend a lot of time “struggling” to find certain information. Sticky Web Domains Marketplace is also easy to contact, with awesome customer support! The Live Chat feed is very reassuring if you find yourself with questions and need help.
Probably most importantly, they are accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. So you don’t have to worry about their security. And, they accept Paypal, which I love! For me, that means I just have more payment options.

Even deals on shipping!

They offer expedited shipping for FREE within the US (only). Which, given this time of year, is going to come in handy when squeezing in those last-minute gifts. And for international buyers, you can easily access these same products within the Sticky Web Domains Marketplace EBay store.

I totally recommend using this site for electronic shopping. You’re going to find all the most popular products, of only the best quality, at a great rate! From Xbox, to iPhones, to Alienware – you’re going to find that perfect gift for the Hi-Techie in your family. So check out Sticky Web Domains Marketplace, and see how you can fulfill that wish list!

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A Day In The Life Of A Stay AT Home Mom

Ever wonder what a Stay At Home Mom does all day?

Yes, I’m a stay at home mom. I’m super excited to be doing this collaboration with Luz, an awesome Mommy blogger I recently connected with. Recently, we got together and decided to write about our experiences- as a Stay AT Home Mom…and, A Working Mother!
Today, I will be answering her questions below about my life and experience, and if you check out her blog, you will be able to read her responses to my questions! I’m naturally intrigued by Mother’s who are able to work a full time job-in, or outside the home. This was a lot of fun for me to write!

Question 1: Why Did I Choose To Be A Stay At Home Mom? (Or was it even a choice?)

Wish I could say my decision was more strategically planned, but however, it wasn’t that complex. I worked in the beginning of my pregnancy, until morning sickness nearly had me hospitalized and on bed rest. Then, due to my husband traveling abroad for school, I moved in with my family, waiting his return. We had our son a month after my husband came back, and then it was Full-Time Mommy Mode! So between barely handling horrible pregnancy symptoms, and moving (twice), I just never went back to work. And honestly, never thought that much about it.
Until I became bombarded with questions, like, “When are you going back to work? Six weeks? Eight weeks?”
Once I considered what “working” would require; leaving my newborn with a babysitter the majority of the day, subjecting myself to pumping breastmilk and the hassle of bags/bottle/plastic nipples, and the general cost of childcare. I decided that everything would be more beneficial to my child’s well being, and my personal finances, if I remained at home. My husband more than take’s care of us, and I don’t have to worry about what my baby is doing/feeling/needing. It made sense at the time, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

Question 2: When Do You Ever have “Me” Time? When do you ever rest?

Very, very sporadically! Because my husband is usually out of the house, I am #1 for the baby. As well as running an entire household. It is, literally, a full-time job. Since my child requires a certain amount of care and attention, I must juggle household chores around his schedule. I honestly wish naps were longer!
But the very end of the day, once he’s in bed for (at least) a few hours, I am able to find my “me” time. That’s when I write, or relax, even catch up on what else I didn’t accomplish that day.
“Me time” is important for a SAHM, even if it’s very short lived

Question 3: What is your everyday routine like?

Mornings are spent getting breakfast out of the way, and my husband out the door. Then, I bounce between morning chores and entertaining my 16 month old. Nap time is when (if I don’t sleep with him, which isn’t often) I am able to handle most tasks on the computer. Along with blogging, I admin a cloth diaper b/s/t group, and take requires more time than one would think.
The afternoon is full of either finishing up housework, keeping the baby doing something, or completing a few outside errands. After dinner is done, and I get the baby to sleep, I can finally have some time for my husband, and myself. It takes a lot to keep a household running smoothly.

Question 4: Do You Wish You Could Work Out Of The Home?

I’ve had my fair share of positions outside home, before children. And while I enjoyed them, I’m not exactly itching to go back. Yes, I sometimes crave adult interaction, and lothe children’s songs on repeat. But in the grand scheme of things, I feel that it’s better for my baby that I stay at home. I feel it’s better for his development, education, and our finances. If I worked, a good amount of my earnings would be going to childcare. Not to mention the anxiety I would put myself through worrying about my child; Is he happy? Is he ok? Does he miss me? And I would be missing out on so much! My son is only this age for so long. I don’t want to miss a thing. The office isn’t going away.

Question 5: Do you plan on being a SAHM until your son goes to school? Or what is the plan?

I’m not making any plans for the future. Because plans can change. And even when my son is in school, I want to be active in his education. PTA, after-school activities, sports-all those things are important, and I want to be there for every part of it. And it’s too soon to try to figure how how to coordinate my work schedule and his school schedule. So if the opportunity arises that I can return to work, then I may take it, but it will really depend on what’s going on at the time.
So, now you know more about my life as a Stay At Home Mom. Want to see what questions I asked my friend Luz, at Adventures With Nico, about being a Working Mom? Go to her blog here and read all about it!
Ever wonder what a Stay At Home Mom does all day?

Custom Christmas Invitations

Looking for a Custom Christmas Invitation?

With the holidays approaching, our first real Christmas party as a family is on the agenda. Yes, it’s a little early to be thinking about it now – but I plan ahead. While planning ahead, I did stop at a few stores and put some serious thought into my paper invitations. I ultimately decided that custom Christmas invitations were a must!
Usually I never do paper invitations. I didn’t even do them for my wedding! Mostly because I can’t ever decide on a design. This year I tried going out of my comfort zone, but nothing in the Hallmark section really caught my eye.

Acres A Bloom

Looking to the internet, I actually came across this Instagram feed and found Acres A Bloom – Custom designs for all your party or announcement needs! Wedding, Baby, Graduation, Birthday, and yes-Christmas parties!
This was the flair and originality I was missing in my store bought cards!
I contacted Rebekah (who is super awesome!) and let her know my ideas. She sent me an email to continue with the project, and the order form to select design colors and scheme. It was super easy to navigate! I  wanted to allow her a lot of creative control, since I (of course) can’t ever fully commit to a design when given a lot of options. The result? Awesomeness!
Custom Invitations for all your parties and events!

Custom cards are the ultimate way to go!

I now am a solid believer that for any special occasion, if you can make it your own somehow, that you should definitely go for it!
And while it might only be an invitation, it’s also the first impression your guests will get of how the atmosphere, and mood, of your party will be! This design spoke to me as being “Festive”, “Warm”, and “Merry!”
But hey, isn’t that how Christmas is supposed to be? Plus, no one will ever be able to say they “used that pack of cards for last year’s party.”
Acres A Bloom offers designs for all occasions, including Baby Announcements, Graduation/Birthday parties, Weddings, and all Holidays! I wanted something very simple – but her designs can be as elaborate as the occasion calls for! They are all truly beautiful!
Custom Invitations by Acres A Bloom
You can also get free weekly printables by joining the Acres A Bloom mailing list!
Check out the website for more information and quotes, and don’t forget to visit Acres A Bloom’s Facebook and Instagram page for more beautiful designs and photos! I want to give Rebekah a huge Thanks for working with me! These invitations have given my little Christmas party the flair it needed!
Custom Christmas Invitations by Acres A Bloom

Life After Marriage

Life Changes After You Say Your Vows

We pretend it doesn’t, but it really does. And it’s not a bad thing – but just a part of life.
My husband and I have shared many wonderful things, throughout the course of our marriage. And if you asked us a short time after we did it, we probably both would have answered,
“No, everything’s pretty much the same!”

But that’s not entirely true

Some things will change. Once you’ve become comfortable, you naturally drop your guard. Then you begin noticing things; Like used Q-tips on the bathroom sink (which makes absolutely no sense, when the trash can is right there!). And that make you never get around to those midnight walks on the beach. Some times you just really want your spouse to just go away…for like, an hour, so you can watch Grey’s Anatomy in peace.

It’s all natural, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

With that level of comfort and realization, you can find a sliver lining. You’re learning more about your partner, and yourself. And still finding ways to connect, and be your own person, at the same time.
But if you think being married is all about romantic candlelit dinners every night, a spouse who never has a bodily function, and remaining in complete agreeance on every subject (never fighting); sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just not it how it works.
Husband’s are gross. And slobs. And they will argue with you over stupid things. You aren’t going to be drowning in Romance. And even if you did spend every waking moment together, either one or the both of you will want to scream.

But your marriage will survive!

And it can be made to be stronger – just remember that reality isn’t a Disney movie, and sometimes – marriage is hard. And annoying. And totally worth it.
I recently wrote a post on 5 Changes You’ll Experience After Marriage, that goes a little more in depth on this topic, but before I send you to read that – just remember this: The Hollywood Love Story always ends once the credits roll. Your own love story is a thousand times better. You get the real thing. And as disappointing/irritating/suffocating married life can be sometimes… the reality is so much better than what the Big Screen will show you.

What’s something you discovered about marriage that you didn’t expect?