Bundle Tumble Baby Nasal Aspirator – Review

Bumble Tumble baby nasal aspirator

Baby have a stuffy nose?

Everyone was probably given the old-school bulb nasal aspirators, when their child was born. Now, you have another option; which is more hygienic, easy to clean, and non-invasive. The Baby Nasal Aspirator by Bundle Tumble! 

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Hygienic approach to nasal aspirators

The old, outdated nasal aspirators that most people are accustomed to, tend to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. I won’t link to that disgusting image of a bulb aspirator cracked open, but two words; black mold. That is all you need to know about that. They also suck (or, don’t suck, heh heh) at getting a stuffy nose clean. Bulbs just don’t have force to do an adequate job! Then as you’re struggling with a fussy baby, and getting the bulb to work, you end up just re-exposing your child to the germ over and over again.

The Bundle Tumble Baby Nasal Aspirator has a unique design built for the safest, most hygienic approach to clearing up a stuff nose. It might look unconventional, but after you’ve seen grossness inside those old bulbs, it’s worth a shot, right?Bumble Tumble baby nasal aspirator

The design is simple…

  • One end of the tube, placed against baby’s affected nostril. Do not place inside the nostril!
  • A snot catcher is attached to the other end, followed by a long tube.
  • The other end of the tube, an adult places in their mouth (stay with me!) and uses their own force to “suck” out the snot.

Now, don’t be silly-of course, you aren’t sucking anything straight into your mouth. A unique design with a disposable filter catches all that yucky, and bacteria isn’t passed back and forth. The filter is then tossed, and the entire kit can go into a top-loading dishwasher to be sanitized. Don’t have a dishwasher? Everything can also be hand washed with warm water and soap. All pieces are BPA free!

The Bundle Tumble Baby Nasal Aspirator also comes with 24 disposable filters, and replacements can be found online.

I really wish these were handed out at hospitals instead of those awful, outdated bulbs. The Bundle Tumble Baby Nasal Aspirator  can be completely cleaned and sterilized. I think the overall design is far superior to what we had growing up. I would suggest these as excellent baby shower gifts to expecting parents!

The Bundle Tumble baby nasal aspirator

Have you ever used a nasal aspirator like this?

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