Custom Baby Canvas Art With Artzee Designs

Looking for the perfect customized canvas piece?

Canvas art looks great on any wall. Custom baby canvas art is even better! I was super excited when I was able to team up on a customized piece dedicated to my son, just in time for his birthday! Continue reading “Custom Baby Canvas Art With Artzee Designs”

Customized Home Decor with 76th & Newbury

Looking for options with your home decor?

I’m super picky about what I display on the walls of my home. When you enter my home, I want you to get a sense of the things I find important. I also want the personalities of myself, and my family, to shine through our decor. Today, I want to show off this beautiful piece from 76th & Newbury, and talk about their design process… Continue reading “Customized Home Decor with 76th & Newbury”