#BabyLove:My Toddler Life Book Review & Giveaway

#BabyLove: My Toddler Life, by Corine Dehghanpisheh

Does your toddler love to play with your phone? The new book, #BabyLove: My Toddler Life, may be just the addition you needed to your home library!

This is a sponsored post in which I have received a copy of this book for free, in exchange for a review. My opinions are 100% my own and not swayed in any way. This post also contains affiliate links. See full disclosure policy page for more info.

The new book by Corine Dehghanpisheh with a simple reminder: To put down our phones



This is a really cute story, about a little boy who loves playing with Mommy’s phone. Because of course, what toddler doesn’t? That is, until something happens. Then the little boy, and readers, learn a pretty valuable lesson in something I think most parents are guilty of from time to time. Sometimes, even though we use our phones to document our family life, and the milestones our children reach; every so often, you just gotta put the phone down.

The book itself is beautifully illustrated, and very well written. My son loved reading this with me, and it’s rhyming structure makes this a great book to practice reading with your little one. Granted, my son is really more into the pictures, which are bright and eye-catching!

There’s also something to learn for both parent and child. Kids will be reminded of how we really shouldn’t play with an adult’s phone. And their parents are reminded of just being mindful, and enjoying the moments (without necessarily whipping the phone out to document every second).

For parents Who Enjoy Special Moments, #BabyLove

The author herself, Corine Dehghanpisheh, is a Licensed Creative ArtsCorine Deghanpisheh, author of the #BabyLove series Therapist, in New York City. She has written several children’s books. This is the second in her series, the first being BabyLove: My Social Life

You can check out her website here!



With huge thanks going to Corine for allowing me to review this awesome book, I am so happy to announce we will be joining together for a Giveaway! You can enter below to win a free copy of this great book! Remember, even if you don’t have a toddler at home, this makes for an excellent gift! The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter, so be sure to fill out each entry to increase your chances of winning! This giveaway will end at Midnight, EST on January 22nd!

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Alternatively, if you just can’t wait, you can also get the book here, also available in eBook, and start building your collection of this series!

The new book by Corine Dehghanpisheh with a simple reminder: To put down our phones
#BabyLove: My Toddler Life#BabyLove: My Toddler Life by Corine Dehghanpisheh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautifully illustrated book that teaches children not to play with their parents smartphones, and reminds parents to be mindful, and to put the phone down! A great tool for also teaching children to read with it’s rhyming scheme!

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Why We Didn’t Share Our Christmas On Social Media

Another Christmas Has Passed…

Yes, parents, we have all survived another Christmas. We endured the traveling. The shopping struggle. And even the overwhelming amount of Holiday movies and tv episodes, broadcast over the weekend. But if you are a regular follower of this blog, you might have realized something. Perhaps you noticed that we didn’t actually share any of our own holiday festivities?

Don’t get me wrong. We had a wonderful time spent with family on my husband’s side, for Christmas Eve/Day. Followed by our own special “Christmas day” here at home. And then a quick gathering at my own Mother’s house for that side of our family. So yes, it’s fair to say we are a little exhausted, and happy that things have settled down.

But most people wouldn’t have known we did anything if they were only looking for pictures and status updates!

Why I chose not to overshare our Holiday celebrations…or even share at all

I’m usually very open about posting on social media; it’s a great way to stay connected to family and friends. And while you can’t be everywhere at once, you can at least share in the experience through pictures and updates. And I love being able to let distant family and friends, know what’s going on in our lives. Especially when it comes to my son, Bruce. He’s probably more popular than I am. Actually, I know he is…

That being said, the unfortunate truth is, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Not every family can spend the celebrating at three different houses. And not every child has three different Christmas Trees with gifts underneath, just for them.

And us adults do work very hard for the things we have – and sharing that with the world is not a bad thing. And as I’ve written about before, what one might perceive as jealousy, can easily be turned into motivation, when seeing the success of another.

But, kids don’t always see it that way. Nor do other adults. And the last thing I want during the holiday season, are hurt feelings.

We shared very little of our Holidays…

I had to share our first family Christmas Tree, because of course, it was our first. And we were proud of it! But as we began putting gifts under the tree, excluding what Santa would bring himself (items too big for wrapping), that something dawned on me. Not everyone is as blessed as we are. And while it’s in any parent’s right to post pictures of the tree with all their child’s gifts underneath-the last thing I want is another parent (or child!) to see that and feel bad. And I’ll be the first to admit that my son is spoiled – of course, he’s the only grandchild within our immediate family, so of course he makes out like a bandit at Christmas!

But that is also within the eye of the beholder. While one might think our gift pile modest, another would think it’s “over the top.” One person can realize that we have a tree, and both grandparents have their own, and think it’s very common-while another person can think it’s too extravagant. Neither opinion is right or wrong.

It’s also a Catch 22 – you can be a minimalist family, and someone can say you “aren’t doing enough” with such a materialist holiday. Or, they can see a child getting three Christmases, and think “dear lord, who needs all this stuff? They’re spoiled rotten!”

You just can’t win either way.

So we shared one photo of our tree, giftless and without the topper (as we were still decorating) and that was it. No one needed to do a count of exactly how many trees held how many gifts.

The meaning of Christmas…

People all too often forget the real meaning of the holidays, and become too wrapped up in the material game. It’s about family. Not out-doing each other on Facebook with “who has the bigger tree.” Or judging another parent because they got the Hot Toy items only available on eBay because the demand went through the roof. Families shouldn’t be scrutinized by the size of their celebration.  The holidays are meant to be about Giving, and Family. And family, even with sharing to those who aren’t close to us…should have a few private things to be enjoyed.

Pictures of our holiday should be just for us to enjoy-not something to be picked apart and analyzed by those who weren’t there. Be it good or bad judgement, it just shouldn’t happen. And because I can’t prevent people from forming an opinion, I can prevent the opportunity as best as possible, by not inviting it through sharing.

That’s why I will be keeping the photos of gift unwrapping to myself. No one needs to feel inadequate when comparing my child’s Christmas to theirs. Or feel that we went a little overboard for a 18month old. Or even think that maybe we didn’t do enough!

And in our world of social media, we have at least this holiday, to ourselves. That’s not to say next year, Bruce’s 3rd, won’t be publicized for all the extended family and friends to see… But this year, can be just for us.


Why We didn't share our Christmas on Social Media

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