Why We Didn’t Share Our Christmas On Social Media

Another Christmas Has Passed…

Yes, parents, we have all survived another Christmas. We endured the traveling. The shopping struggle. And even the overwhelming amount of Holiday movies and tv episodes, broadcast over the weekend. But if you are a regular follower of this blog, you might have realized something. Perhaps you noticed that we didn’t actually share any of our own holiday festivities?

Don’t get me wrong. We had a wonderful time spent with family on my husband’s side, for Christmas Eve/Day. Followed by our own special “Christmas day” here at home. And then a quick gathering at my own Mother’s house for that side of our family. So yes, it’s fair to say we are a little exhausted, and happy that things have settled down.

But most people wouldn’t have known we did anything if they were only looking for pictures and status updates!

Why I chose not to overshare our Holiday celebrations…or even share at all

I’m usually very open about posting on social media; it’s a great way to stay connected to family and friends. And while you can’t be everywhere at once, you can at least share in the experience through pictures and updates. And I love being able to let distant family and friends, know what’s going on in our lives. Especially when it comes to my son, Bruce. He’s probably more popular than I am. Actually, I know he is…

That being said, the unfortunate truth is, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Not every family can spend the celebrating at three different houses. And not every child has three different Christmas Trees with gifts underneath, just for them.

And us adults do work very hard for the things we have – and sharing that with the world is not a bad thing. And as I’ve written about before, what one might perceive as jealousy, can easily be turned into motivation, when seeing the success of another.

But, kids don’t always see it that way. Nor do other adults. And the last thing I want during the holiday season, are hurt feelings.

We shared very little of our Holidays…

I had to share our first family Christmas Tree, because of course, it was our first. And we were proud of it! But as we began putting gifts under the tree, excluding what Santa would bring himself (items too big for wrapping), that something dawned on me. Not everyone is as blessed as we are. And while it’s in any parent’s right to post pictures of the tree with all their child’s gifts underneath-the last thing I want is another parent (or child!) to see that and feel bad. And I’ll be the first to admit that my son is spoiled – of course, he’s the only grandchild within our immediate family, so of course he makes out like a bandit at Christmas!

But that is also within the eye of the beholder. While one might think our gift pile modest, another would think it’s “over the top.” One person can realize that we have a tree, and both grandparents have their own, and think it’s very common-while another person can think it’s too extravagant. Neither opinion is right or wrong.

It’s also a Catch 22 – you can be a minimalist family, and someone can say you “aren’t doing enough” with such a materialist holiday. Or, they can see a child getting three Christmases, and think “dear lord, who needs all this stuff? They’re spoiled rotten!”

You just can’t win either way.

So we shared one photo of our tree, giftless and without the topper (as we were still decorating) and that was it. No one needed to do a count of exactly how many trees held how many gifts.

The meaning of Christmas…

People all too often forget the real meaning of the holidays, and become too wrapped up in the material game. It’s about family. Not out-doing each other on Facebook with “who has the bigger tree.” Or judging another parent because they got the Hot Toy items only available on eBay because the demand went through the roof. Families shouldn’t be scrutinized by the size of their celebration.  The holidays are meant to be about Giving, and Family. And family, even with sharing to those who aren’t close to us…should have a few private things to be enjoyed.

Pictures of our holiday should be just for us to enjoy-not something to be picked apart and analyzed by those who weren’t there. Be it good or bad judgement, it just shouldn’t happen. And because I can’t prevent people from forming an opinion, I can prevent the opportunity as best as possible, by not inviting it through sharing.

That’s why I will be keeping the photos of gift unwrapping to myself. No one needs to feel inadequate when comparing my child’s Christmas to theirs. Or feel that we went a little overboard for a 18month old. Or even think that maybe we didn’t do enough!

And in our world of social media, we have at least this holiday, to ourselves. That’s not to say next year, Bruce’s 3rd, won’t be publicized for all the extended family and friends to see… But this year, can be just for us.


Why We didn't share our Christmas on Social Media

Important Holiday Sanity Tips

Need some help keeping your sanity?

With the Holidays upon us, life is about to get very hectic for us Parents. As a Mother to one, and Aunt to six, I’ve learned a thing or two about survival during this trying time.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind that can help you get through the Holiday season.


Itineraries Are Awesome

And in my opinion, highly necessary. You are going to have enough going on with planning family trips, scheduling shopping excursions, keeping children entertained with crafts, and checking on Aunt Molly in the nursing home. It’s super easy to forget things.

Important Sanity Tips For The Holidays

Keep a Holiday Calendar and record EVERYTHING you plan on doing for the next few months, even if it’s just taking an hour to cut little pieces of construction paper into turkeys. It will help you keep things in perspective, not overwhelm and double-book yourself, and keep your schedule on track. You might think this is silly, but when you discover that you’re late to Grandma’s for pre-Christmas Day gift exchange, your hands are covered in glue, and you still haven’t bought your brother a gift, you’ll wish you had kept a scheduled list.

And with schedules in mind, that brings us to…


Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Yes, you have a huge calendar to keep everything perfectly recorded in detail; Visit the Grandparent’s at 2pm, followed by an hour of Christmas shopping before your Daughter’s recital at 5, then just before bedtime for the littles, you’ll decorate the tree. Once the kids go down, there’s about 30 mins before the youngest wakes up for a drink of water, in which during that time you can work on the office Secret Santa list. And at some point before you pass out from exhaustion, you’ll actually clean the garage for the New Year’s Eve Party ….remember; you can’t commit to everything.

The holidays are meant for family, and if you simply have full day after full day planned out, then skip a few office parties and social gatherings with that couple down the street (who have three dogs and no children). There’s no shame in it, and it will give you more down time at home to rest, and catch up on necessities-like cooking and cleaning.  One big tip I took full advantage of with a 5 month old…


The Internet Is Your Friend

You can totally do all your holiday shopping online – and really should! Avoid the malls and shopping centers altogether, and (usually) get a better deal, money-wise.

Cyber Monday follows Thanksgiving, so instead of fighting over stuff on Black Friday, stay at home and shop in your jammies. And Amazon Prime…hello?! Enjoy the free shipping and never leave the house. Basically, everything’s in boxes anyway, so you can just shove all that crap somewhere in the house and wait to wrap it. Then you don’t have children hunting down their presents for a sneak peek.  And with gifts in mind, let’s remember…


Keep The Big Gifts To Yourself

Or rather, make them “from” yourself-don’t give the Fat Man all the credit. Santa doesn’t have to bring all the gifts come Christmas time. Let him have given out the clothes and small toys. Let the big gifts, like expensive toys and electronics, have come from you (the parent) and other family members. Why? It’s hard explaining to children why Santa discriminates when it comes to presents. And it isn’t fair when the Jolly Fat Guy decides one child can have the newest “Hot Toy” of the year, and another can’t (because their parent’s simply can’t afford it ).

I’m not saying that if you can get your children the biggest, most expensive things, not to do it-I’m just saying to put your own name on the tag, not Santa. Because kids naturally talk, and then they can at least give that well deserved credit where it’s really due – and hopefully, save some hurt feelings that inevitably, will happen.

Hopefully some of these little reminders can help you get through the season. What’s some things that help you out during the Holiday Season?


Handy tips to help keep you sane during the Holidays!

Practical Gift Guide For A SAHM

Shopping for a SAHM?

This post contains affiliate links, for which I get a very small percentage. The price stays the same for you, and all views are 100% mine. Christmas is almost here. Looking for the perfect gift for a Stay At Home Mom, isn’t always an easy task. We usually don’t want anything, and hate thinking of ourselves. But here is a gift guide that can help you find something more practical for that particular Mother you have in mind…that she’ll actually use!

Coffee Mug

Practical Gift Guide for a SAHM
I’m A Mom, What’s Your SuperPower?” 12oz Coffee Mug

Why? Because Mother’s need COFFEE! We require energy to get everything done around the house…or really, just function at all. Mom’s always need more mugs, because they get broken/displaced/used and un-washed. This mug is ceramic, microwave and dishwasher safe, and best of all? Holds 12oz of “Mama Juice”, i.e coffee or tea. Plus, it’s funky colors (available in several) and kitschy tone, is bound to put a smile on her face!

The “Home” Spa Treatment

Practical gift guide for a sahm
Pure! Spa in a Basket

Because let’s face it – most Stay At Home Moms don’t go to the spa. They either don’t have time, or don’t pamper themselves that way. This is a gift that she will actually use on her own terms. This kit is awesome! This six (6) piece set includes everything you need to enjoy your own, home-spa; Bath Salts, Sponge, Lotion, Bubble Bath, Shower Gel and Body Scrub! All 100% natural, and did I mention it’s Kiwi!!! Who doesn’t love Kiwi? Well, it’s available in Pear, also. Here’s a tip: Include a handmade coupon for “One Hour Alone” and offer to take the kids off her hands for a while. She’ll love it!

The Ultimate Crock Pot

Practical gift guide for a SAHM
Instant Pot

A popular item in nearly every gift guide. Why? It’s not just a regular crock pot – it’s the best crock pot known to man! Err…wo-man. Yes, stay at home mom’s are usually…at home. But how convenient is it to just throw everything in the pot and let it slow-cook on its own? The Instant Pot is fully programmable, and is actually a 7-in-1 cooker! Pressure, Rice, Slow, Warmer, Steamer…it does almost everything? Wait…it makes yogurt? Ok-everything! Mom will love how easy it is to use, AND keep clean. This will help her with time-management, and stress! If you’ve never seen someone flip over a crock pot, just wait!

Help keep her beauty tools clean!

Practical gift guide for a sahm
Silicone Holders for Makeup Sponges

Because time management is everything for all Moms, this is a game changer. Why? Not putting your makeup sponges on the bathroom sink (or, god forbid, it falls on the floor only to be found and used a week later), and instead in this nifty holder, will; decrease the need for cleaning so often AND prevent nasty stuff getting into Mommy’s pores (taking up more time needed for exfoliation). Plus, it helps organization. Totally practical, and will be used (trust me!). They even have breathe holes, which are perfect for drying wet sponges.

Keeping the coffee warm…

Yeti Coolers Rambler Tumbler

Probably the most popular item in this gift guide – The Yeti Tumbler. It’s basically perfect for anyone, but especially a SAHM. Her beverage can be kept hot (or cold!) all throughout the hectic day – going with her as she runs errands, and keeps busy around the house. And she’s going to want that coffee to stay hot! You can even get a new replacement lid to make it totally spill proof! And, let’s face it, all us Moms need that. Kids spill stuff. Heck, parents spill stuff.

Everything in this gift guide can be used, and appreciated, by anyone – but especially the stay at home mom. It’s not jewelry that will sit in a box to (hopefully) be worn once. It’s not another thing to dust, or keep someone from using as a toy. They’re all products catering to either a need, or a secret desire she won’t admit.

And, if you happen to be a Stay At Home Mom reading this, be sure to share it on your social networks, so your husband can see! He won’t mind the hints…just blame me 😉

Practical Gift Guide for a Stay At Home Mom
Practical Gift Guide for a Stay At Home Mom