Skin 2 Skin Care – Smart Anti-Aging Review

Skin 2 Skin Care

I’m always looking for new skin care products that are safe and actually work. I’ve been using ┬áthe new Skin 2 Skin Care “Sexy Skin” line for the last two weeks, and I’m super impressed with the results! Continue reading “Skin 2 Skin Care – Smart Anti-Aging Review”

Dermarollers & Microneedling – What You Need To Know

Dermarollers & Microneedling…

In the quest to stop the sands of time and slow the aging process, the skincare industry has developed some pretty innovative techniques. I recently researched Dermarollers & Microneedling. And this is what I found, and what you should know, before trying it yourself… Continue reading “Dermarollers & Microneedling – What You Need To Know”

Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Clay Mask Review

Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Clay Mask.

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for products that will slow the inevitable aging process. I had the opportunity to try this new product recently, and here’s the skinny on Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Clay Mask! Continue reading “Geneva Naturals Anti-Aging Purifying Clay Mask Review”

Imagine Dermatology Anti-Aging Beauty Products Review

Looking to fight wrinkles?

I have teamed up with Imagine Dermatology to try out some of their new anti-wrinkle products. Aging is but a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow the process! With that in mind, if you’re looking to reduce some of those fine lines around your face, check this out! Continue reading “Imagine Dermatology Anti-Aging Beauty Products Review”

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Looking for a great mud mask?

I recently had a great opportunity to try a mud mask for the first time! Maple Holistics has the “Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask”, and let me try it for the last week. The results? Amazing!

Continue reading “Dead Sea Mud Mask Review”