Sorry, But I Prefer Old Sesame Street to New Sesame Street

I think pretty much everyone, kids or not, can remember a time when they watched PBS as a child themselves. Be it at home, or at school, at some point, you watched some kind of children’s television.

Now as a mom, we limit tv time, but I have been using it as a good distraction and wind-down method for my son to prepare for naptime. So, since kids absorb everything, it may as well be educational?

The downfall to this is that I am trapped in Sesame Street hell while my son is either,
A: dozing off (dare not disturb anything to disrupt this!)
B: has fallen asleep on top of me and I’m stuck on the couch with no remote within arms reach

As this happens occasionally, I started to notice something. I hate sesame street.

Well, at least the post-Elmo episodes. And no, the alleged Veggie Monster (who turns out to be rumor, not real) has nothing to do with it.

The old episodes from the 70’s & 80’s that I grew up with had a different look and feel, that I don’t get with today’s episodes. They are too updated with CGI and computers. Or maybe I’m just old.

I’m not saying they’re terrible. But it’s one simple, little thing that I can (while forced) use to bond with my child. he’s watching the same thing I watched and enjoyed. It’s the familiarity I like, that makes it easier to connect. Even though kids don’t care-they can’t tell the difference between an episode 20 years old or 2 days old.

Don’t Downplay Your Spouse

Ever talk about your partner?

Everyone is a little guilty of this. I know I am. But I really shouldn’t do it. Chatting with girlfriends, your mom, your best friend from high school, just any normal conversation, the topics sometimes lead to your loved one. Continue reading “Don’t Downplay Your Spouse”

First Mother’s Day

This is my first acutal mother’s day since our son was born.

It’s hard to believe, even almost a year later, that we even created such a perfect little human being. Feels like we just brought him home…hell, it feels like I just found out I was pregnant!

But we did it-we made a perfectly healthy, happy, cute as hell Baby Boy.

Motherhood may have changed me in some ways, but I still feel like the same person I always have been. This is just an extension of me-an add on. An upgrade.

I really didn’t even realize that Mother’s Day applied to me until my husband mentioned it. So, I get a real holiday dedicated to my role as a parent?(In a manner of speaking)

I don’t really want anything. Yes, I say this after my doting husband showered me with an early present of a new laptop (Because you can’t blog on your phone!), and my own Mother bought me a very nice book about the role…I’m happy just to see my son’s smiling face every day. I’m happy to raise a child to call my own. I’m happy enough to be one of the lucky ones; who’s child made it through conception and pregnancy and birth – and will be a year old in less than two months.

Being selfless comes with being a mom too. It’s the natural instinct to put yourself second, fourth, or even not at all-taking care of everything and everyone first. I’ll be too caught up in other things to enjoy the day-but that doesn’t mean all the other mom’s can’t enjoy theirs.

Ryan has been telling Bruce for a while, especially when he’s fussy, that he needs to be “Nice to Mommy.” I’m thinking, ‘Honey, he’s an infant, it’s not like he’s going to roll over and think, ‘Oh my bad! I won’t pull your hair anymore!” And that on Mother’s Day, she needs a break.

I don’t want a break-sleep would be nice, but probably not going to happen. I’m ok with that. I still feel like my baby is too new, and I still need to be selfless 24/7, 365. I’ll have plenty of time when baby is older to get those extra lie-in’s, breakfasts in bed, shopping excursions and pedicures.

So for the other Mom’s out there that are enjoying their holiday with pampering, or even just extra sleep-I hope you do enjoy it. You really deserve it! All Mom’s do, because being a parent is hard. Very, very hard. But so rewarding.

And enjoy it for those of us new mom’s, so caught up in still realize just what they’ve created, to admit they are tired, drained, and just need a break every once in a while. I might be tired and drained as well-but I wouldn’t trade the hardship for anything if it means not seeing that smile every day.



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Our Participation in the Great Cloth Diaper Change



We had the awesome opportunity to participate in this years Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Taken by Mark Durant Photography
Taken by Mark Durant Photography

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is a non-profit organization that first started as a goal to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most diapers changed simultaneously. It has since become a great resource for families to gather and learn about the benefits of cloth diapering their babies!

We were lucky enough to have a change event close to us this year, and we excitedly made our way to it this past month. Bruce is a naturally sociable baby, and he made friends with the events photographer quickly 🙂

Taken by Mark Durant Photography
Taken by Mark Durant Photography

The GCDC was sponsored by some great cloth diaper companies, including Grovia, Spraypal, Rumparounds, GlowBug, and a variety of local sponsors.

Taken by my husband, before the Change
Taken by my Husband, before the “Change”



The event starts with a photo op for the diaper to be changed, a shot of the clean diaper, and then a photo after the change of the new diaper on the baby.

Taken by my husband...the diaper to be changed
Taken by my husband…the diaper to be changed

The group contributed 15 babies to this years overall total of babies changed, towards the new goal for the year.




Taken by my husband...after the change!
Taken by my husband…after the change!


Lots of great vendors had info and products set up, and they even did a raffle, which was great of us mommies to have a chance to win something diaper related, or non-diaper related, but totally for mommy.

I didn’t win anything diaper-wise, but got away with winning three bath sets just for myself!(Ryan didn’t get my excitement however, because who has time for a bath? Showers yes, but he’s right, this mama doesn’t get much soak time. One day…)

Taken by Mark Durant Photography
Taken by Mark Durant Photography

It was a really great opportunity to connect with other moms and learn more about different products out there! I am even happier that my whole family was able to attend and go with me. I think even Ryan had fun, although he was a little lost on some of the diaper stuff. He is 100% behind cloth, so I was really happy he shows an interest and wants to learn as well.

Taken by Mark Durant Photography
Taken by Mark Durant Photography








Taken by Me
Taken my me 🙂

Some of these pictures are mine, some are the wonderful work of photographer Mark Durant (they are marked accordingly), which I have to thank for his work and collaboration with this blog-and apologize for my ham of a son for taking up so much of his time with the camera!



And I’d also like to thank the GCDC Organization for everything they do! Check out their site  where you can find more info on what they do, as well as info on next year’s change.

Taken by my Husband, after the change
Taken by husband, after the change
Taken by my husband-waiting to change
Taken by my husband, waiting to change


Taken my Mark Durant Photography
Taken by Mark Durant Photography