Haters Gonna Hate…

There’s going to be some people out there you cannot please.
No matter who you are,  or what you believe in-someone,  somewhere,  is not only going to have a problem with it;  they are going to tell you about it.
And then the contrast to this; someone,  somewhere,  absolutely loves your ideas,  your beliefs,  and thinks you can do no wrong.
It’s how you handle people and their negativity (or even positivity) that makes all the difference.
You can either decide to let every small,  bad comment bring you down,  make you feel small,  and send you off into a depressed state licking your wounds, afraid to ever speak again.  Or you can brush it off.  Don’t pay it any attention. Don’t dignify them with response.  Never feed it. You have to starve a troll,  to make them go away.
On the other hand,  never let all the praise get to your head-take everything in stride. Remain humble,  and forever grateful. Because the trolls come out to cut you down when they see you grow. And you have to be ready for that.
Some people like me,  some don’t.  I would allow the haters to win if I gave up. And lose the faith of my lovers if I allowed my head to get too big.
But I will still keep being me. And that’s my message to everyone else out there. The difference with everyone else’s opinion of YOU, just depends on how you handle them. Stay strong♡♥♡

Thank you, Captain Hindsight…

Hindsight is always 20/20…and usually, a better picture

List of errands a mile long, baby is teething & needs to cuddle, in-laws are coming to visit and the house is a mess…

It seems like the more you have on your plate, the worse things will get. It wasn’t a big deal for you to commit to that jewelry party your friend talked you into throwing a month ago. But as the time nears, the rest of the schedule is filling fast, and suddenly you begin to get worried how it will all work. The anxiety only gets worse as you have deadlines to meet, and then your infant takes up all if any spare time you have.

But by the end of the week, Saturday finally rolls around, you find yourself getting all the priorities out of the way, and your party is a success (you even helped sell a few pieces)!

Things are always worse as they are happening. As we are in the thick of it, we can feel overwhelmed, anxious, as if the world is coming to an end.

How often is it later that we look back, and think “wow, it really wasn’t that terrible now that I think about it!”

And sometimes it never really is. The hill seems impossible to climb until you reach the top. Use this to motivate you! You know you can beat any challenge that comes your way, after you take a moment to realize what you have already overcome.

My husband is the greatest at this type of hindsight. He’s always quick to remind me of how I hated doing something, or how stressed out I was, after the moment is over and I can reflect.

Now this doesn’t come without a little ribbing, but that’s what husband’s are for 😉

“Remember how…. Was it really that bad? Now look at you, doing it again….”

I might not even think of it this way if it weren’t for him. When it comes to certain things, I might even swear to never do it again and avoid it at all costs! But he helps me see how even during the worst times – I succeeded. Sometimes that little bit of a second pair of eyes can change your entire outlook.

Thank you, Captain Hindsight