The Future of Business Travel Post Covid: How Travel Bounced Back

Business travel-The Coronavirus pandemic has ceased almost all operations since the end of December 2019.
From the financial to the travel industry, it has disturbed everything.

The Future of Business Travel Post Covid: How Travel Bounced Back

Since all these sectors are interlinked, interruption in the travel industry has caused a commotion in many businesses.

Especially since firms need to have business trips to different cities or countries for conferences
and conventions.

Business travel is very different from traveling with family, especially after the pandemic.
However, things have taken a turn for the better.

Let’s look at how the travel industry has bounced back over time and how firms such as Global Resort Options have made business trips more accessible post-Covid.

Recovery of Domestic Business Travel

According to recent surveys, domestic business travel has risen more than international, after
COVID-19. The study declares, over 40% of members of the Global Business Travel Association had recommended domestic business traveling by June 2021. Meanwhile, only around 12% had restarted international business traveling by the same date because the borders between some countries were still not open.

Recovery of Business Travel with Increase in Vaccination Rate

As the vaccination rates increased by the end of 2021, traveling internationally and domestically
became more common worldwide. Compared with the 2021 statistics, there are more frequent
business trips and meetings in different countries or cities.

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How Does Global Resort Options Make Traveling Easy for Firms Post Covid?

Global Resort Options offer highly beneficial services for corporate travelers and vacation

Global Resort Options provides timeshare owners with a revolutionary approach to selling and
publicizing their trip ownership. Owners can gain more visibility with business travelers with no
commissions or percentages deducted from the rental income.

From flights to meals, there is a full range of services for business travelers, whether they are a
small group of travelers or a large group. Therefore, many large corporations regularly use the
Global Resort Options travel program.


Traveling had bounced back by the end of 2021, which was disturbed due to the Coronavirus
pandemic. This commotion caused several problems for business travelers who had to travel to
attend business meetings and conventions.

Many major corporations prefer Global Resort Options as they offer excellent services, whether
it be leisure or a business trip. They arrange everything, including meals, renting cars, and
flights for business travelers.

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