Timeshares & Global Resort Options: Everything You Need To Know

Timeshares & Global Resort Options: Everything You Need To Know

At first, owning a timeshare sounds like an amazing luxury. You get to visit all these nice resorts.  You get to go whenever you want. You save money on all your vacations and so on and so forth.  Then by the time you’re a couple of years in, you’re thinking “what have I done”.  So how can Global Resort Options help timeshare owners?

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You realize availability isn’t what they promised and that you’re locked into a lifetime of maintenance fees regardless of whether you travel or not. You feel like there aren’t many options but you signed the contract so you also feel hopeless. 

If any of the above resonates with you you’re not alone. Millions of timeshare owners feel the same way. 

I’m here to tell you that all hope is not lost! Let me tell you why. 

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) estimates business travel spending to rise to $1.4 Trillion by 2024.  

With the return on investment of business travel more important than ever, travel management is in high demand.  

Securing the most cost-effective rates for lodging, flights, and ground transportation that also alleviates any scheduling conflicts of the trip has been very costly when it comes to an employee’s time.  

A travel management company like Global Resort Options tailors a companies’ plans based on their budget and offers a plethora of options for their travelers. (Timeshare owners unused weeks being one of these options.) 

Global Resort Options understand that businesses with a large number of travelers face particular challenges.  And because of these challenges, no company travel program should go without travel management.  

A few crucial travel tech aspects must be included in travel management:  

Simple Booking Tools  

While the internet has provided everyone with access to the huge array of alternatives offered by airlines, hotels, and vehicle rental companies, sorting through all of them takes time.  

Global Resort Options provides their passengers with booking alternatives that correspond with the company’s goals while also addressing the needs of employees. 

Digital Payment Options 

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Cost-effective business travel requires accurate tracking and reporting of expenses.  

Global Resort Options assists with this by offering digital payment options meaning the timeshare owner never has to worry about coordinating payment. 

Companies can simply pre-authorize payments with single-use credit cards using digital payment alternatives provided by corporate travel technology.  

This approach not only improves operational efficiency, but it also improves billing accuracy, reduces fraud risk, and consolidates spending.  

Risk Management  

Keeping track of traveling personnel has never been more important in an age where anything can happen at any time.  

Corporate risk managers want real-time access to global health and safety hazards, as well as the capacity to communicate these threats to business travelers rapidly.  

Global Resort Options aids in managing business travel risk by identifying and assessing risks, locating travelers by name, travel date, and/or location, and immediately verifying safety or providing communication and support in the event of an emergency.  

Whether you’re a timeshare owner that wants to get cash for their unused weeks, or a corporate manager who wants to save money & time booking travel, Global Resort Options offers you the solution you need at the click of a button! 

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