MICRO-STUDIO Apartments: Do You Really Need One? This Will Help You Decide!

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MICRO STUDIO Apartments: Do You Really Need One? This Will Help You Decide!

Are you interested in relocating to New York City? Perhaps you are wondering what type of living environment is best for you. Also, what apartment living is like. Let us examine what a micro-studio is and why it might be the most ideal place to live for students…

What is a Micro-Studio?

A micro-studio is a studio that is sized smaller than the standard studio, meant for one person. In a small space, the ultra-efficient design squeezes in a kitchen, bathroom, and other necessities. High ceilings and large windows let the interior feel spacious.

In some rare cases, there is a communal kitchen in the building. Sometimes, maybe there is a shared laundry room. You can still find a few quintessential New York staples within a micro, such as balconies. This is, of course, an amenity, which can affect rental rates.

Is a micro-studio small?

400 square feet is roughly equal to a two-car garage, so you can use this rule of thumb. The average size of a micro-studio in New York is anywhere between 200-400 square feet.

If you’re away from home just for school, living in a small space is perfect. But you won’t have room for roommates.

What Makes The Micro-Studio Great For Students?

College is but a brief period of time for most students, although it seems like it lasts forever. Globally, more and more students are looking for student housing. The number of students outnumbers the number of available units. In an attempt to narrow this divide, micro student housing exists. 

We tend to enter our college years young, so a lot of space isn’t always necessary. You usually don’t need to worry about extra bedrooms. If you live a minimalist lifestyle, you will adjust to a smaller space more easily. 

With rising costs of tuition and the need for affordable property, students struggle. Not only do they need to cover rent, but basic necessities for their life. Food, insurance, internet, and everything in-between.

Temporary Living In A Micro-Studio

 In most cases, young professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and graduate students occupy these homes temporarily. A micro-studio does not have to be permanent. But, it can solve your housing problems when you are in school. 

Keeping a smaller space is easier due to its manageability, as well as its ease of cleaning. The internet is awash with people who adore their tiny spaces.

Saving Money is Key

With a Micro-Studio Apartment, students can live in a fully functional space, without sacrificing their budget. There is no doubt that this is extremely crucial for the quality of life as well. Rather, to help students succeed in their education to become professionals of the future, without the added pressure of maintaining a living space.

While making financial sacrifices seems easy by design, it doesn’t mean you have to do without comfortable living. Luckily, mico-studios are available and growing, trend-wise.

There are many innovative micro-studios popping up all over New York. The opportunity to find the perfect property for your budget is there. Additionally, you should choose a community you like, as well as one that works for your needs. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

How Much Are Micro-Apartments In New York City?

New York City micro-apartments typically cost between $2,300 and $2,700 a month. There are no utilities included in that figure. Rental prices differ clearly. It depends on the location, amenities, and square footage of a tiny studio.

New York can be a very expensive place to live when you consider how expensive parking can be, or how pricey a Chinese takeout menu can be. Some students qualify for housing assistance, which can be helpful.

Many people, however, choose smaller living spaces over larger ones. It will go a long way in the Big Apple if you can be flexible with your living requirements.

Ways To Find Affordable Micro-Apartments.

There are a few tricks to finding an affordable tiny space.

Instead of looking for the hottest neighborhoods and a trendy community, seek the more obscure locations. Because they aren’t as popular, these areas will have a lower cost of the rent.

Also, keep in mind the design of your micro-apartment doesn’t have to be cute.  Add your own decor to an “ugly” studio. It’s only temporary and may save money in the long run.

Keep your finger on the pulse of seasonal changes, as well. While most leases turn around in summer, wintertime is still a great way to find vacancies.

How much is a micro-unit?

A typical micro-unit has a floor area of 140-360 square feet. They are much smaller than their micro-studio counterparts. It is not uncommon for micro-units to be a few hundred less than actual micro-studios. However, for many students, the small price difference is everything.

There are some differences when space is sacrificed. Many micro-units share common areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Compact living like micro dwellings tends to reduce daily living expenses because people tend to use less electricity and gas to heat and cool their homes. 

Simple living is becoming more and more popular.

In general, the more space we have, the more tempted we are to fill it with unnecessary “stuff.” People who want a minimalist lifestyle, like young college students and professionals, can benefit from a micro-unit.

With homelessness a very real situation, developers are making the most of limited space. This helps not just the young college community, but everyone.

What is the difference between a studio and 1 bedroom?

The main difference between a 1-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment is that a 1-bedroom apartment has a separate bedroom area from the living room and kitchen. A studio apartment is usually a self-contained space that houses all furniture and appliances in one room with a separate bathroom.

For someone who lives alone, wants to save money on rent, and appreciates an open, airy living space, a studio apartment can be a great choice. As there is less space, not many furnishings are needed.

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