Gamma Jacket, The Best All-Season Jacket For Travel & Everyday Wear

grapheme jacket, woman running

Gamma Jacket, The Best All-Season Jacket For Travel & Everyday Wear

Looking for a new travel jacket? You should know a new, fashionable yet functional jacket has launched on Kickstarter! Read on to learn about Gamma Jacket and what makes this the best in all-purpose outerwear.

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What Is Gamma Jacket?

The new, all-purpose, high-performance Jacket you need for your wardrobe! This lightweight, insulated jacket, is perfect for all everyday uses, travel, and athletic wear. Doesn’t matter if you’re hiking mountain tops or running errands around town; Gamma Jacket is all-season, any activity!

Infused with graphene, this is a jacket you will want to invest in for more than just another clothing option.grapheme jacket, woman running

What’s Graphene?

Graphene is a carbon material arranged one-atom-thick within a honeycomb lattice. Extremely lightweight, this material is elastic. Graphene is stronger than diamond, yet flexible enough to be used within clothing.

Now graphene is being used to create more versatile clothing suitable to all types of environments. Graphene is 100% waterproof, wind-resistant, and UV-light proof. This anti-bacterial textile also works as an insect repellent.

The thermal technology is cutting-edge. Graphene allows heat to move within the honeycomb structure, evenly distributing it across your body. This opens a new market for brands to create fully-functional fashion, without sacrificing style.Gamma Jacket graphene jacket

How Gamma Jacket Uses Graphene

Because of the extraordinary properties of graphene, it’s the perfect material for an everyday jacket. Awesome for minimalists who prefer singular functional clothing!

Due to the thermal regulation, and moisture-wicking properties, the Gamma Jacket is versatile for any weather. Breathable, avoiding all sweat collection, keeping you dry. No more bulky layers, or switching of coats needed. Since temperature is regulated according to conditions, you never need to change your outerwear to match the situation.

What is unique about Gamma, is the built-in carbon fiber heating elements. In colder conditions, like snowboarding, and need more warmth? You have 3 adjustable temperature settings to choose from! At the push of a button, the heater powered by any power bank is activated. No extra electronics required. Graphene keeps the jacket from becoming too hot, so it won’t overheat, or ignite!

Because graphene is literally one atom thick, it is super easy to pack and store Gamma Jacket. No bulk, no wasted space, no weight. You’ll never tear, or scuff, this jacket either. It’s not tougher than nails; it’s stronger than diamonds.

Easy to clean!

Because no built-in batteries are required, the Gamma Jacket is 100% machine washable (super convenient). The anti-bacterial properties make Gamma an odorless outdoor jacket. Never have to worry about that old, musty jacket smell following you on your adventures throughout the day.

Additional Features

  • 10-pocket system including hidden pockets
  • Fully adjustable sleeves, built-in fingerless gloves, and waist drawstrings

This jacket is also TSA-friendly for its lack of batteries, making this the perfect all-climate jacket for travel. Minimalists travelers will love it for its multi-function uses, and ease of care.

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Want to support Gamma Jacket?

You can check out more info on this amazing graphene jacket by checking out the Gamma Jacket website. Read all about their Kickstarter campaign and support this business by joining efforts to bring this amazing technology, and fashionable piece, to fruition!

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