Amanda Jo Organic Bunny & Awesome Natural Products Roundup

Amanda Jo Organic Bunny Natural Products Roundup

Looking for natural products you can incorporate in your life? Know who Amanda Jo is? In this post, we’re discussing Amanda Jo Organic Bunny and a roundup of some of their all-natural products!

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Who is Amanda Jo Organic Bunny?

If you don’t know who this rising star in the influencer world is, let’s do an introduction. Amanda Jo is the head of Organic Bunny, a brand aimed at clean beauty products with natural ingredients. Her line contains hair, makeup, and skincare products. As well as products for your pets, home decor items, crystals, and a lot more!  You can check out her Instagram at Amanda Jo Organic Bunny.

Let’s do a roundup of some of the items Organic Bunny offers!

Vegan Beauty Products

Choosing to go vegan/cruelty-free with your cosmetics and beauty tools is a big decision! Luckily, no matter what kind of makeup item you need, there is a vegan alternative. You can find an array of different brands that offer these options through Organic Bunny.

One of my personal favorite vegan brands are Luxie makeup brushes, they are super soft and totally cruelty-free!

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You can find all-natural products for skincare in abundance here too! Body scrubs, natural deodorants, dry shampoos, even facial wipes. Pregnant women should especially be aware of the products they use for their personal care. Organic Bunny is a good resource for finding healthier, safer options for pregnant women.

When choosing cleaner skincare products, you always want to avoid anything with sulfates, parabens, or dyes. You also want to make sure the products contain ingredients that will work as they are supposed to for the skincare goal you are aiming for.

Organic Dental

There has been a shift in the dental industry towards more organic products. Bamboo toothbrushes are a big hit with those wanting to choose a more sustainable material for their brushing activities. Many kinds of toothpaste now contain less harmful ingredients like fluoride and opt for more natural alternatives.

You can even get whitening products to increase the shine of your smile without causing any lasting damage with harsh chemicals!

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Air Fresheners

Did you ever stop to think about the chemicals found in popular air fresheners? There’s a lot! More people are moving to rands with more natural ingredients, and ditching the chemicals.

Even the scents themselves perform better than manufactured fragrances. Grow Air & Fabric Freshener contains plant-based ingredients and is toxin-free. They also contain essential oils, which is great for stress relief!

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Moving To Eco-Friendly Options is a Good Thing!

We can all make small (to larger) changes to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I think it’s great that brands like Organic Bunny can offer items to help people with this goal.

Choosing to use metal or bamboo straws helps us cut down on paper and plastic consumption. Natural soaps help to keep chemicals out of our water sources.

It’s little things like switching our products to all-natural alternatives that can help shape the future of our planet!

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  1. We are always on a mission to try and get our cleaner. So many ways we can try and ditch the chemicals that just seem to be everywhere these days unless you make a choice to side step them.

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