Practical & Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Busy Parents

Practical & Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for busy parents #valentinesday #parenting #valentine

Practical & Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Busy Parents

If you’re looking for an easy way to show your love and affection, here’s some practical ideas for Valentine’s Day for the busy parent!

It’s that time of Year again!

Valentine’s Day is touted as the one day a year to really show that special loved you, that you adore them. Or, for most parents, the one day to make up for previous days you may have forgotten you’re a couple as well. But Pinterest, as well as all social media, can make you feel like big projects and extravagant gifts are overwhelming. And when you’re a busy Mom or Dad, it’s the truth! Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

So here’s a few practical ways every parent can express their admiration, and even involve the kids, for Valentine’s Day!

Just Desserts…

Planning on baking? Making delicious cookies, cakes, or even breakfast muffins with heart sprinkles? It’s a great way to involve the children with the holiday. And, something the whole family can enjoy. Or, if the kids are too little to help, they can just eat, too.

No time to bake? Relax – the local bakery or supermarket is always there to help, and there’s nothing wrong with store-bought heart shaped cookies.

No one really cares where they come from, or that you’re too busy Mommin’ to make them. Mom away!

Plan a Picnic!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have time with your significant other while the kids are in school, or at the Grandparents. You might even have a sitter available. An outdoor picnic with champagne and strawberries sounds so romantic!

Let’s get real: busy parents don’t have time, or childcare, for this. Load up the frisbees, and take the tribe with you! You can both watch the littles run and play, and no one has to know that one of you (remember, no drinking and driving) has champagne in that thermos.

Easily what would have been a quiet, romantic moment, is now a family memory!

Movie Night!

If you’re lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s Day sans kids, you’ve hit the jackpot. You can go out and catch the newest Rom-Com. But us busy parents don’t have that luxury.

Instead, plan movie night at home with kid-friendly features! Pick out a Disney classic for anyone under 13. And once the wee ones are out for the night, you can watch a little more adult content, like the first two 50 Shades of Grey movies *wink* and don’t act like you don’t like them….

Valentine’s Day really isn’t all that important…

Historically, it was a holiday created to sell greeting cards and flowers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. An d if you want to use the occasion to show appreciation for your other half, go for it!

Just don’t let the extravagant weekend getaways, huge Pinterest projects, and kid-less romantic excursions that your friends are having, bring you down.

You’re a parent! We don’t always have the time, means, or even desire for these types of things. Do you really want to be bothered with sweeping up rose petals all over the house after a long day? I don’t!

Love and Affection is something you should be showing year-around, not just on Valentine’s Day. Spend the holiday with your family-because that’s what Love is really about!

Practical & Easy Valentine's Day Ideas for busy parents #valentinesday #parenting #valentine

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