Why Emergency Preparedness Is More Important Than You Think

Emergency preparedness is more Important Than You Think - Tips on preparing your family for natural disasters #emergency #preparation #hurricanes #

Why Emergency Preparedness Is More Important Than You Think

If Hurricane Irma taught us anything, it’s to always be fully prepared when disaster strikes.

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We bought our home, and immediately evacuated within the next week, from Hurricane Irma. Luck to be able to say with family, we were able to avoid being without power and water for the next week in our home.

Hurricane Irma devastated parts of Florida, and my town in Georgia. The Caribbean is forever changed. If we learned anything from this disaster, it’s that you can’t be prepared enough. There are many business that are built upon this concept, and can help you with your emergency preparedness plan. My Patriot Supply is a company that understands the need for survival, and self-sufficiency during a time of disaster.

If natural disasters can do anything, it’s unite people in a time of need. A lot of us came together to help those around us, affected by the terrible hurricanes of 2017. Local churches helped my neighbors rebuild after their houses flooded.  My Patriot Supply did a wonderful job of helping those in Florida with their water. And, at a much needed time. Ongoing efforts are still helping those in the Caribbean, as well as other areas impacted by Irma.

Can you imagine?

Normally, we would have hunkered down to wait out the storm. Hurricanes are a part of life here on the coast. But the size of Irma, and magnitude, was unprecedented. And with a toddler, it was not a chance worth taking. The only thing I can imagine worse than leaving your new home, and not knowing if it would be there when you returned? Actually returning to a home that wasn’t there. This was the case for a few of my neighbors.

What Emergency Prepardeness Should You Develop?

First, you need to know where you can go, should you need to leave. And also – know when to leave! I’ll be the first to admit if kit’s a small scale storm, I’ll likely stay. A hurricane more powerful than a Cat 2, with the ability to knock down powerlines and damage houses, and I’m gone. A family communication plan is crucial, to keep loved ones in the loop.

Your emergency preparedness kit should also include a ‘bug-out bag.” This is what you can grab quickly, should you have to leave in a hurry. Medications, Important documents such as birth certificates, licenses, and social security numbers. Flashlights, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, phone chargers, and changing of clothes. If you have room to carry easily-take things you don’t want to be lost, or destroyed.

It’s also best to invest in flood insurance before a hurricane hits. Remember, this can only be done in the off-season, because you won’t get insurance if anything is showing on scopes during the season.

What if we can’t evacuate? or, don’t need to?

If you aren’t in an immediate evacuation zone, and can ride out the storm, you need enough supplies to possibly be without power, and water, for a while. With emergency preparedness in mind, stock up on non-perishables that can easily be cooked without power.

Stock up on drinking water. You will also need clean, but non-drinking water for those tasks that require some water, but shouldn’t take away from what you need to drink.

Keep batteries, flashlights, and a radio on hand for emergency updates.  When you have power, stay off your phone! Make sure it keeps a full battery, so when the time comes, you have the ability to communicate without electricity

Buying things like power generators during the off-season is a good investment, because as disaster nears, guess what? Supply and demand forces some emergency preparedness essentials, like generators, to rise in price and fall in availability.

We all think it can’t happen to us…

But the truth, without fear-mongering, is that it can. And it happens when you east expect kit. Don’t take emergency preparedness lightly – we’re talking about your family here! Take the necessary precautions to keep them safe, whether you have to evacuate…or not.

Emergency preparedness is more Important Than You Think - Tips on preparing your family for natural disasters #emergency #preparation #hurricanes #

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  1. very informative! we’ve never had to do a hurricane evacuation, but i remember having to take cover from tornadoes quite a few times when we lived down south. It can be really scary. you gave some great advice.

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