Why SippyNipple Makes The Best Stocking Stuffers For Christmas


Why SippyNipple Makes The Best Stocking Stuffers For Christmas

Christmas is creeping up, and if you’re still looking for gifts to fill those Stockings, why not consider a few SippyNipple sets for your baby, or toddler?

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The Art of the Stockng Stuffer Requires Skills…

You don’t want to fill your baby, or toddler’s stocking, with just anything. Sure, we always include fruit, snacks, maybe even a stuffed animal or two. But if you’re thinking of including a few practical things in stockings this year, either for your kids or a loved one, consider this. Why not include a practical baby accessory that you could use all year, that will make life easier?

Why SippyNipples Make The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers

What is a SippyNipple?

In case you missed last summer’s review, go check it out now, but lemme summarize; SippyNipple Rocks. And, it’s a must have in your diaper bag. These attachments fit securely over nearly any size water bottle. Why?

Do you mix your baby’s formula using a clean, recycled water bottle? Maybe you have a toddler who loves to steal your own bottle, but can’t quite grasp the concept of drinking from one yet.  Sippy Nipple give you the ability to reuse a clean water bottle for either scenario – which is a Godsend when you find yourself traveling without a cup, or sterile bottle.


They don’t leak, are BPA free, and best of all-super convenient to carry around in the diaper bag! But more on SippyNipple in this review…

What Makes SippyNipples Great For Stockings?

If you’re gifting for a Mom, she will appreciate having these on hand! There’s nothing like spending a day at the zoo…when your toddler threw his sippy cup into the alligator pond. Or, packing up the baby for a visit to Grandma’s, and bringing everything you need for feedings…except an actual bottle.

Rather than get stuck in awkward and stressful situations, having a few SippyNipple sets on hand eliminates these problems.  You can easily make a bottle using a clean water bottle, and avoid buying yet another baby bottle to take home to the collection you have. And the toddler size attachments can save family outings from complete disaster, should that sippy cup go missing.

SippyNipple are packaged in the perfect size to tuck away in a Christmas stocking, making them a practical surprise for any Mom! Or grandparent who needs a few at home, just in case they are left with the wee ones on their own. And if you stick some of these in your own child’s stocking this year, no one will blame you…because they really are the best baby accessory to keep on hand!

You can get SippyNipple through the links below, and check out their website for more info! These are affiliate links…

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