5 Reasons We Don’t Buy Real Christmas Trees

5 reasons We Don't Buy Real Christmas Trees #christmas #christmastree #artificialchristmastree

5 Reasons We Don’t Buy Real Christmas Trees

There’s two types of people in the world. Those who buy Real Christmas Trees to decorate in their home. And those of us, who do not.

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Now, if you do visit a tree farm and pick out that special, one of a kind tree to place in your home, that’s fine. The scent of Firs and Spruces brings back wonderful memories for me growing up, because for the majority of childhood, we always had a real tree.

Then my father, in his eagerness to get the best tree, picked one that was just too big to get into the door of the house. After nearly losing the fight with a hacksaw, we never got another real tree again.

But, I have my own reasons that you’ll never find anything other than a plastic Christmas Tree in our home.

Real Christmas Trees Are Messy

Pine needles will need to be constantly cleaned as they drop off. Sap can also have the possibility of getting everywhere, and forget about the water. My toddler will want to help water the tree, and that spells disaster waiting to happen. I have enough chores on my daily cleaning list, let’s not add a shedding Pine Tree to the mix. Speaking of which…

It’s a dying tree in your living room

Let’s be honest. Getting a Real Christmas Tree just means you’ve dedicated a month of your life to the struggle of trying to keep a dead plant on its last limb (no pun intended). Usually, when our cut flowers start to lose their petals, we toss them before they just become rotting mulch sitting in the dining room. We can tell ourselves the Christmas Tree is different, but it really isn’t. Not to mention the fact we are actively cutting down living trees for temporary decoration, just to be tossed out within a few weeks.

Real Christmas Trees Aren’t Exactly Sustainable…

Cutting down trees for a holiday, isn’t very sustainable, in the fact that it’s literally only being used as a disposable decoration. No, this isn’t contributing to deforestation, because the trees are grown for this purpose, but it’s still the act of killing a living thing for a frivolous reason. I’m all for living greener, and yes, sometimes there’s a risk of PVC or Lead within artificial trees. That’s why it’s important to research your fake tree before buying, especially if you have kids. But the idea of killing a living plant, just for the sake of lights and popcorn strings, doesn’t sit well with me.  The argument of sustainability when it comes to Christmas Tree is a good debate, with valid points on both sides. But, I’m choosing my battle with this one, because of all the other reasons I don’t want a living tree.

Real Christmas Trees Are Expensive

Because they are only used once, and disposed, while the upfront cost is way cheaper, we chose to think long-term. I’d rather spend a few hundred dollars on an artificial tree and get 20 or more Christmases out of it, than buying a Real Christmas tree every single year (with one use). Not to mention things like the tree stands, which can get rusty and nasty, and need to be periodically replaced. Yes, the aforementioned dying-turning-into-compost tree will break down easier in a landfill than a plastic tree. But you’re also dropping $20-$50 or more, every year, just on a Real Christmas Tree. Invest $50-$200 in a plastic tree, and when you no longer want it several years later or upgrade to another one, you can gift the old tree to a charity for families who don’t have one.

No Time For Upkeep

I honestly don’t need to add another semi-living thing to my list of responsibilities. There’s just no spare time for keeping it watered, checking for bugs (or eliminating bugs, if that can be done. If not, then here I am off to find another, bug-free tree), or keeping the cat out of the branches because of the scent.

I love my plastic tree, because once it’s set up and decorated, I’m pretty much done for the month. There’s literally no maintenance! other than the few times I fix an ornament or two because my toddler moved them, I kinda forget the thing was sitting there.

One way we recreate the feeling of a Real Christmas Tree

Wax warmers and candles! I don’t typically burn candles, but I do keep a few wax melts going.  I can change it up from a Blue Spruce to a Frasier Fir easily, and it makes the house seem more Christmasy!

While these are just my reasons, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a real tree of your own. But if Real Christmas trees aren’t your thing, think abut the investment of an artificial tree – or even go the potted tree route!

You have options, and while this year I’m still feeling pretty strongly about mine, who knows. I just know that at least right now, I’m definitely looking forward to not sweeping up pine needles for a month!

5 reasons We Don't Buy Real Christmas Trees #christmas #christmastree #artificialchristmastree

Author: Jasmine

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Don’t Buy Real Christmas Trees

  1. I agree with your points. We normally alternate between a real tree and a fake tree. This year we will be getting a real tree. I enjoy the smell the tree gives off in the house and the kids love a real tree. We get to take the kids to a tree farm to pick one out. It is a great memory maker for us. We also add the tree to our compost bin after the season so we get plenty of benefits out of it! Although I do love how simple clean up of a fake tree is and not as much up keep.

  2. Funny story! I was so excited to have a mini Christmas tree for the first time last year… Turns out I’m allergic. Since we won’t be around for the holidays much this year, I don’t even think we’re going to purchase a full size fake tree. Maybe I’ll get a tiny one to go with some decor around the house

  3. I am yet to use a real Christmas tree and everytime I think of getting one these are some of the reasons I refrain from buying one. thanks for sharing.

  4. I grew up doing the tree-farm thing with my family and always loved doing it–probably because my dad was the one who had to cut it down and my mom is the one who took care of it and swept up the pine needles…all my sister and I did was decorate it and put presents underneath! Now as an adult who’s married and moved out, I just don’t find see the appeal anymore. Maybe eventually we’ll get a fake tree, but for now, we’ll just enjoy lights and candles and my parents’ decorations when we go over on Christmas day 🙂

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