Meal Planning Made Easier with Selectivor Social Food App


Meal Planning Made Easier with Selectivor!

Meal planning for the family or a big event, is difficult. Add a few food allergies or diets in the mix, and it’s a bigger headache! Now, Selectivor is here to make life so easy!

This is a sponsored post by Selectivor. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

We have food issues…

And I don’t mean picky eaters, disorders, or strict diets. I mean legitimate, “eat this and you’ll die” food issues. My husband is deathly allergic to chickpeas. Well, really – anything within the lentil family. Luckily, this hasn’t been passed on to our son (as of yet), but it still makes mea planning somewhat difficult. You never know how many recipes contain peas until you can’t use them. And while I love Hummus…it’s not allowed in this house.

So our everyday menu is one thing-but if we have friends over for dinner, that’s another! My son’s Godfather is allergic to seafood (yes, all seafood). My brother is Diabetic. So, planning a meal that can suit everyone’s needs can be tricky. You can imagine how excited I was to discover, and try, the Selectivor app!


Selectivor is a social food app. You can create profiles for yourself, your family, and friends. The profile is easy to set up, and contains all the Selectivorimportant stuff about the individual’s food restrictions. From their special diet restriction, to things they are actually allergic to, even things they particularly avoid.

Since only my husband, brother, and our family friend, have these restrictions, Selectivor has a trick for helping me remember who can eat what. By creating an event, I can add everyone attending the meal, and see all the available foods any attendee can eat! This makes meal planning for large groups so easy! Only allowed foods by all members of the event are shown, and there’s no confusion!

You can download the Selectivor app for iOS or Android, and check out their website app! #Selectivor #EatTogether

Meal Planning with Selectivor Social Food App #foodapp #EatTogether #Selectivor

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