Diminshing Pores with the Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool

Bellesentials Electric Comedo Pore Suction Device


Looking for a way to diminish pores and remove blackheads?

Part of a good beauty routine, is taking care of your skin. And I admit, I sometimes fall slack in my own practice of this. My pores show it! So, I was really excited to try the Bellesentials Electric Comedo Diamond Microdermabrasion tool this past week…

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Large pores, blackheads, wrinkles…

They plague everyone (and if you say you don’t have ANY, no one believes you). Luckily, there’s a few different ways to combat these blemishes and imperfections. The Bellesentials Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool can,

  • Exfoliate and remove dead skin
  • Clear and reduce pores
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help eliminate pimples and blackheads

Bellesentials Electric Comedo Pore Suction Tool

The kit includes,

  • One Comedo Suction Device
  • One USB Charging cable (battery free!)
  • 5 sponges
  • 2 extra silica rings
  • 1 Microcrystalline probe, 1 oval probe, 1 small sized probe, and one larger sized probe

The microcrystalline probe can be used anywhere (except eye area) on the face, or anywhere you want to soften and remove dead skin; elbows, feets, etc. This probe performs the diamond microdermabrasion effects, while massaging and exfoliating skin.

The large comedo suction probe is best used to elminate excess oils, tighten skin, and stimulate collagen growth.

The smaller comedo probe is somewhat weaker, which is perfect for sensitive skin, or to focus on one small problem area, such as a blackhead.

The oval probe is designed for sensitive eye areas, and for smoothing those fine lines.

You don’t want to over-suction any area for any amount of time. The device is to be used in a pulling-motion over your face. The 5 different levels of suction makes this great for all types of skin sensitivity, as well! And clean up is a breeze – NEVER use water inside the device, as this will cause it to malfunction. Just use alcohol and cotton swabs after every use!

Does it work?

Results are NOT immediate, but combined with a solid skincare routine of your favorite cleansers and toners, this is a great tool! I really enjoyed using it, and can def tell a difference in the quality of my skin!

Have you tried the Bellesentials Electric  Comedo Pore Suction Device?

Or a similar diamond microdermabrasion tool? Leave your thoughts below!

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