5 Answers For The New Preschooler Parent

5 answers for the new preschooler parent

Do your homework before your preschooler starts theirs

By The Dollar Dad

All the kids are back to school. Well, hopefully; and that morning commute is as thick as night fog as you take your 2, 3 or 4 year old to a new adventure.

But we can’t forget about the parents. Our minds race as the preschooler starts their journey. Will they fit in or be bullied? Is the teacher able to handle them? Will they understand his or her needs?

Reel it back in, parent. Organize and do a little homework to make the most informed decision about where you want your preschooler to attend.

What are your choices?

Do a simple Google search about preschool programs in your area. Many of them have websites with tons of information. Other parents are a great resource as well.

Where are your choices?

My wife and I went to several different daycare facilities before actually choosing one. It was exhausting.

We had to figure out how much extra travel time it would be for us. How far is the school from our jobs? That time has to be added to your commute.

Consider your support system too. They’re the ones you turn to when you have an emergency you can’t solve.

We all know they happen. Your preschooler might get sick or hurt themselves on the playground. You won’t always be able to drop everything to save the day.

I made sure the school was in a central location to my support system in case my wife and I couldn’t get there.

What should you look for during the visit?

I’m sure you would like to know where your preschooler’s classroom is; maybe, even who the teacher is. Maybe.

And a host of other concerns that can only be answered with a physical appearance.  What is the overall culture in the school? You can immediately sense it when you walk in or interact with any of the faculty.

And we love the school our daughter attends. We’ve gotten to know all the teachers and the director. Make this a habit. All the facility seemed very thorough with the children. And there is a good balance with play and work.

How long is the school day?

Your preschooler has to adjust to being in a classroom setting for 6+ hours. You don’t even like sitting at work that long.

But you have to work that time into your schedule. What time does school start and end? Your preschooler needs time to adapt to their new environment. You need time too.

Is your preschooler happy?

Bottom line, your preschooler is the one experiencing something new. New people. New rules. They need to be the top priority when choosing a school.

Make sure to consider their viewpoints and feelings. They might be in tune or observe something you missed. Something that makes them uncomfortable. Don’t underestimate your child.

They might not be ready. Only you as the parent know if your child is ready for preschool. Age is not the main factor when starting these programs.

But Happy First Day of School, preschooler! Oh, and parents.

Mr. Anthony Harvey has been writing for about 10 years. He attended the School of Journalism at Michigan State University for his undergraduate studies. He is particularly fond of topics about parenting, paternity, fatherhood, personal finances and marriage. Harvey is also the blogger behind The Dollar Dad. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and his Blog.


5 Answers For The New Preschooler Parent



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  1. Awesome post! My son is starting three-year-old preschool next week! I observed a handful of preschools and think I picked the perfect one for my son! I have so many feelings going through me about him starting: excitement, nervous, ect. How did he grow up so fast?

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