Protecting Yourself From RFID Theft with BMoss Wallets

Have you ever heard of RFID Theft?

This is not a fear-mongering post, but a legitimate concern for everyone. Yes, there is a way someone can steal your credit card and personal information, without ever looking at your credit cards. RFID Theft is a very real thing. Luckily, there are ways you can protect yourself.

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But what is RFID Theft?

In a nutshell, you know those little chips now found in your passport, drivers license, bank cards and credit cards? Those are RFID chips – Radio Frequency Identification chips. They contain informational data, and in a lot of cases, can (and have) replace bar codes. You have them already – in the magnetic strip on the back of your debit card. Within your passport-and surgically implanted in the family dog (should he ever go missing, the chip can be scanned and the Vet will have your contact info.)

Because of the way the chips are designed, it’s also become easy to be able to steal this information – such, as your address, social security number, and banking info. Wireless Identify Theft, or RFID Theft, is the ability to tap into the radio frequencies given by these chips, and collect the data within. Scanners and skimmers make it possible to ┬ásteal this information without ever looking at the cards, themselves.

So, how do I protect myself?

Luckily, there’s several wallets and card holders that have RFID Blocking technology that can prevent the various methods of RFID Theft.

BMoss sent me one of their leather wallets for women, enabled with this protection. Crafted with premium quality Cowhide leather, their wallets have a nice, sleek appearance. 16 slots for card, with 2 ID holders. There’s two pockets, for holding paper bills or change.

Of course, I’m not looking for a way to commit RFID theft to see how well this wallet works, but it’s safe to say if I never write about being a victim, then the BMoss wallet is a keeper! You can get yours here.

It’s better to be safe, than sorry

If you are victim to the newest of identity theft and financial fraud, you won’t be held liable. But, it’s far better to be safe, than sorry. And having to report identify theft is enough of a headache!

RFID Theft, protection from wireless identity theft with BMoss Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets

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