Protecting Your Purse From Germs with Wrapurse!


Germs are everywhere!

They are unavoidable! Germs lurk in the darkest corners, and the most obvious places. One of them being, the bottom of your purse. Now, there’s a solution; Wrapurse designer purse protectors!

This is a sponsored post by Wrapurse in which I received free samples in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Ever think about where you sit your purse?

So we all know about those handy little hooks in bathroom stalls. We can hang our purse up, to keep it away from the grossest of floors. Which is awesome! But how many times where these little purse savers not available?

Or even outside the public bathrooms, where we expect gross things; how many times have you set your purse on a countertop, the floor, or…anywhere? Probably a hundred more times than you realize. here’s the problem…

That gas station countertop, or even the booth seat at Denny’s, can still harbor as many germs, if not more, than the average toilet seat. And all those germs you picked up at the store, you have now dropped off at your grandmother’s hospital room during a visit. And also, taken back home to your family. Staph, MRSA, Cold & Flu bugs…all a part of going out in public, just waiting to hitch a ride on your innocent purse.


Now there is a solution! Wrapurse is a new protevtive cover designed to keep germs off your purse! The new disposable Wrapurse, which I got to test, is available in both small and large sizes. These are recyclable, one time use covers that keep the gross, outside world off my designer purse. I’m not taking germs home to my family! After leaving a place where they can harbor, like a hospital or a bar, I can simply toss in a recycle bin.

Reuseable Wrapurses are also available on their website in an array of colors!


Get your disposable Wrapurse at a discount!

From now until 9/10/17, you can get the disposable Wrapurse Buy One, Get One by using the code ‘JHWP17’ at checkout! Get yours here!

Protecting Your Designer Purse From Germs with Wrapurse Protective Covers

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2 thoughts on “Protecting Your Purse From Germs with Wrapurse!”

  1. What a great idea!! <3 I am curious to see what they look like in other colors (I kinda think this one looks like a shower cap)… Bottoms of purses are SOOOOO dirty!

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