Learning Phonics Skills with the Kiwi: Season One DVD

Kiwi: Season One

A fun way to focus on phonics!

I’m always looking for more educational cartoons for my two year old. We just discovered Kiwi, and Bruce just adores them! Here is our review of the Kiwi: Season One DVD!

This is a sponsored post and giveaway by NCircle Entertainment. I received free product in exchange for an honest review, and this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own and not swayed in any way.

What are the Kiwi’s?

So in cased you haven’t heard of this series, Kiwi is a really cute show! Made up of stop-motion animation, the Kiwi’s (Twiki and Twini) go on adventures to discover new words and sounds!

The narrator helps explain what the Kiwi’s are doing – and helps to read the new words displayed on the screen. Words are also sounded out phonetically, and spelled out clearly. Kiwi: Season One is ultimately a very engaging show that has enjoyable story lines, and an excellent way of teaching kids new words!

Twiki and Twini

The two main characters, Twiki and Twini, are the very cute Kiwi’s! My son adores them – which is good, being that he’s growing up in the age of Pixar. I like showing him older styles of animation, and he loves their expressions and antics! While he is just now 2, I’d like to think Kiwi: Season One is aimed more for children aged 4-7, but even the littles can enjoy and learn from it!

Kiwi: Season One is made up of 20 episodes – with relateable topics for it’s target audience! Words you might find while going to a restaurant, visiting a farm, a birthday celebration..even while at the circus!

My son is pretty picky when it comes to what he’s willing to watch, so we are thrilled that he really enjoys the Kiwi’s!


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You can find Kiwi: Season One through NCircle Entertainment, or available through Amazon! Be sure to check out their other seasons as well!


Learning phonics and word building skills with Kiwi: Season One on DVD

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3 thoughts on “Learning Phonics Skills with the Kiwi: Season One DVD”

  1. Great post! My daughter is learning phonics in her school these days and I sure this will make it more interesting for her. I am going to try to find this CD here.

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