Pumice Scouring Stick – Why Every House Needs One

Pumice Stone Scouring Stick


What’s a Pumice Scouring Stick?

You’ve probably seen them in your grandma’s bathroom, and didn’t realized what they were. You might even have one included in your spa kit. But as well as for polishing your heels, a pumice scouring stick is a very useful cleaning tool!

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Do you have a pumice scouring stick?

Ever wonder what that little concrete looking thing in someone’s bathroom, hiding behind the toilet is? Or the little rock they sometimes put in foot spa baskets with nail files? It’s called a Pumice Scouring Stick, and it has a host of uses. The main one, other than removing dead skin from your heels, is cleaning!

Cleaning with a pumice scouring stick

A pumice scouring stick is an abrasive cleaner. Meaning, it will remove tough mineral buildup, crusted on matter, burnt food, or anything can you can’t easily wipe up. However, this is intended for hard surfaces, so anything soft or easily scratched, should be cleaning with caution if you’re using a pumice scouring stick. Just slow and gentle is the way to go! So what can I clean?

  • Toilet Bowls (perfect for hard water or yucky stains)
  • Ovens & Grills (it’ll get that brunt stuff right off)
  • Tile & Grout (you can use the stick corners to really get in there, and it’ll conform to the shape of what you’re cleaning over time)
  • Removes Lime, Rust, Calcium buildup

So, anything you want to rid of stuck on crustiness, and might not mind scratching just a little in effort to get it off. I’ve heard these are also great for a glass top stove, as long as you are careful not to scratch the surface.

Why should every house have one?

Sometimes you just need something more abrasive than a regular sponge or scrub brush. Pumice Scouring sticks last a long time, can be used on a variety of surfaces, and because of it’s abrasive nature, no extra chemicals are needed. Just scrub lightly until the gunk/stain has come off! These are a much greener alternative to spraying down harsh chemicals to break down the offending mess-all you really need is the correct tool, and a little elbow grease. You’ll save money on chemical cleaning products by using a pumice scouring stick as well!

Added benefit-instead of getting overpriced pumice stones from the beauty dept, buy these bigger ones intended for cleaning, and get a better bargain! it’s the same thing, only you’re not over paying for them!

I’ve been using Elevate Essentials Pumice Scouring Stick, to removePumice Stone Scouring Stick the mineral buildup caused by hard water in my bathroom, and they are amazing! It takes very little effort, and calcium buildup around the faucet handles is gone! My husband loves using these on the grill, too.

Do you use pumice scouring sticks in your home? Share some of the ways you clean below!



Why Every house Needs a Pumice Scouring Stick

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3 thoughts on “Pumice Scouring Stick – Why Every House Needs One”

    1. won’t destroy grout, I used one on this bathroom when we first moved in two years ago, and havent had to go back over it for hard water. but applied too roughly, and like everything else, these can destroy anything. thats why gentle use is recommended 🙂

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