BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyard Review

BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyard

I have a problem of losing my keys…

…I blame this problem on lanyards. What I mean to say is, if I don’t have one, I lose my keys. Luckily, I just got another, and the best part is how stylish and comfortable it is!

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I love lanyards!

That’s the honest truth. It’s always been the simplest way for me to keep up with my keys. Every job I’ve had, has invloed becoming the keeper of about a dozen keys, which I had to keep on me at all times. So my love of lanyards was born out of necessity. Even now, as I don’t work away from home anymore, I still loved using them to keep up with my keys. And I didn’t lose them! They are either around my neck, dangling from the wall, or attached to the longest possible tether in my purse.

I recently threw my last lanyard away because it was, honestly, falling apart. I also had it for seven years-an old, nylon strap that had become so frayed, it looked furry. It was never comfortable, or even nice looking, but once you get used to something, it just becomes part of you. And once I retired my old lanyard to the trash, my cycle of losing and looking for my keys had begun….again.

BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyards

So, going on three months of constantly losing my keys, you can imagine my surprise when I was able to team up with BooJee Beads for a review of their fashion lanyards. Finally, a sense of normalcy in my life again!


BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyard

I received the Pastel Party Chain Fashion Lanyard, and I love it! It has a super cute design with colorful beads, stones, and medallions. The ID Badge clasp (which I personally hang my keys from) can be removed via the lobster claw that attaches to the lanyard, turning it into a really cute necklace!

BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyards make perfect gifts for anyone who does need to use a real lanyard for their ID cards, travel documents, or credentials. The Pastel Party Chain is actually 19 inches total, and has a magnetic breakaway clasp, which is a requirement within certain businesses/companies for the safety of their employees. BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyards

When compared to the comfort level of normal lanyards, this takes the cake- It doesn’t scratch or bother me at all! But the best thing about BooJee Beads, is the lifetime product guarantee they promise their customers! Most of their items are also handcrafted, which really gives them a unique edge!

I would totally recommend this for teachers, nurses, government workers-anyone who needs to keep their ID on them…or keep from losing their keys!

You can see their wide selection of beautiful BooJee Beads fashion lanyards, jewelry, badge reels, and more at, and I want to thank them for the lanyard-I’ll never use any other type of lanyard again!

BooJee Beads Fashion Lanyards

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