Non-Chemical Bug Bite Relief with Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing

Summer Time is coming…which means bugs!

And bugs means bug bites…mosquitoes, bees, wasps, yellow flies, you name it. I’m always looking for non-chemical solutions to nasty bites, and I’m excited to share this neat invention called the Bug Bite Thing!

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Bug Bites and Toddlers don’t mix

And Living in south Georgia-we have a lot of bugs! Throw a very active toddler in the mix who loves the outdoors, and there’s bound to be some encounters with insects. Not always good encounters, either. So keeping something to hand to help relieve the inevitable bug bites, mostly mosquito and yellow fly where we live, is a must. So I was excited to learn more about the Bug Bite Thing.

Bug Bite Thing

The Bug Bite Thing is quite simple-it’s a suction tool used over the offending bite to safely draw out poison. Holding the end of the Bug Bite Thing over the wound, and gently pulling back on the handles to create suction. Hold for 30 seconds, and the venom of the bite will begin to draw out. Bigger bites take more suction. In the event of a stinger left behind, you can use the handles to scrape it out (it’s designed that way!).Bug Bite Thing

There’s also two levels of suction, which can be switched by reversing the cap of the end of the Bug Bite Thing, to your needs.

There’s no chemicals involved with the Bug Bite Thing, no extra pieces needed, and totally reusable! Safe for children, but it does contain small parts, so keep it put away until needed. I started keeping mine in the small pockets of my diaper bag!

I wish I could say we were able to try the Bug Bite Thing on a nasty mosquito bite, but I won’t lie. Since receiving it, no one in this house has been bitten by anything! I shouldn’t complain….maybe with Murphy’s Law, I’ll never have to use it. That being said, I have been testing it on various parts of my arm and leg to check out the suction, and it works very well. So I can honestly see this being a huge help with reducing swelling, and removing toxic bug venom from wounds.

You can find the Bug Bite Thing on Amazon!

Have you tried the Bug Bite Thing? Let me know your thoughts below!

Chemical Free Bug Bite Relief with the Bug Bite Thing

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