Checking my pHBalance with HealthyWiser pH Test Strips – Review

pH balance test strips


Do You Know Your pH Balance?

Maintaining a healthy pH Balance is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I had a chance to try the HealthyWiser pH Test Strips recently, and I’m impressed with how quickly they work!

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What is your pH Balance?

By definition, pH stands for the power of Hydrogen. Your balance is measured by the amount of Hydrogen ion concentration in your body. The pH range goes from 0 to 14, and a healthy balance is at or close to 7.4 – anything below ¬†7.0 is considered acidic, while above is considered alkaline. Now, I’m not a medical professional, but this is just information gathered from the internet. I do encourage you to speak to your doctor on maintaining a healthy balance, should you have any problems.

But, generally speaking, a healthy pH level can be achieved through; good diet and exercise, plenty of hydration, and avoiding harmful things like cigarettes, stress, chemicals and sleep deprivation.

How can I test my pH balance?

HealthyWiser makes these pH Balance test Strips, which are incredibly easy to use! And you get results in 15 seconds, which considering I don’t have much experience with testing my pH levels, I still found to be impressive!

You can test by either using your saliva (two hours after eating/drinking) or urine.

Now, according to the chart included, I am very happy to report I usually pH balance test stripshave a pretty healthy pH balance (yay!) Рsometimes slightly acidic, depending on when I take the test. but as i will be doing,  HealthyWiser also encourages you to speak to a health professional concerning your results.

I’m pretty impressed with how fast they read, and and how easy they are to use!
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HealthyWiser pH Balance Test Strips

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3 thoughts on “Checking my pHBalance with HealthyWiser pH Test Strips – Review”

  1. Yeah I’ve heard about these, and seen people use them on TV. Cool ey! I’ve never tried them but think I may. Maintaining a good pH balance is important.

  2. I don’t know much about PH levels but will have to do some research after reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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