The Best Hair Dryer You’ll Ever Need – Andis Pro Dry Elite AC

Andis Pro Dry Elite AC

I have found the best hair dryer ever!

Seriously…the. Best. EVER! And I actually put this to the test more than one would normally test a hair dryer. The Andis Pro Dry Elite AC is an investment every Mom needs!

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Mama Likes Her Hair Dryer

This Mama doesn’t have time to mess around with drying her hair. I’m a total supporter of tying the wet mess up in a mom bun, and going out the door. So I tend to be very picky over my styling tools. I have tried the Andis At Home Hair Trimmers before, and they are awesome for cutting the hair of the men in our family (and saving money!). So I was super excited to try this hair dryer, because I knew it would be of top quality.

But I didn’t know…I had no idea!

Because unfortunately, the first time I tried this, wasn’t even on my hair…it was my Roku remote.

Toddlers Ruin Everything…

So we have a rule in this house; you never leave drinks unattended. Because my toddler has a game of fishing ice cubes out the glass, dropping them on the floor, and putting them back (why is there carpet fuzz in my water?). His new level of this game, is to drop objects into the glass. Peppa Pig action figures, toy cards, I could go on all day. Well this time-it was the Roku remote. Water literally poured out when I fished it from the glass. And waiting a day or more on the rice trick wasn’t going to work.

Then I remembered that my Andis Pro Dry Elite AC hair dryer had just arrived. Now, normally this process would have taken much longer. Especially if I had used my old, cheap hair dryer (which I’ve done before). But as I blasted my poor remote control, not only did I see the water escaping from behind the buttons, I could watch it evaporate! Within 5 minutes, it was dry and fully functional again! I was amazed how little time was spent holding my new hair dryer to a soaked electronic!

Ok, so not the most ideal way to try out a hair dryer for the first time, but at least now I know the Pro Dry Elite AC will do the trick!

But more on the hair dryer itself…

Andis Pro Dry Elite AC

Ions help break down water molecules, and the tourmaline technology helps to seal the cuticle layers, locking out frizz and humidity (which I need, living in the south). Your hair is left feeling silky smooth! Includes 4 twist/lock attachments that WILL NOT fall off (trust me, I tried), a loonnnggg cord, three heat and two seed settings. You also get a cold shot for styling!Andis Pro Dry Elite ACAvailable in two new spring time colors (green and lilac) and comes with a one year warranty (because if something were to happen, it’s always in the first year).

My drying time was literally cut in half using the Andis Pro Dry Elite AC, and now I don’t really have much of an excuse to not dry my hair anymore! This is a salon quality hair dryer, and it really doesn’t get better than that!

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Andis at Home is so awesome, we will be giving away one Andis Pro Dry Elite Ac hair dryer, to one lucky Mom on Mother’s Day! This giveaway will end Sunday, May 14th at midnight, so get those entries in for yourself, or to gift one special Mama you know!

Andis Pro Dry Elite AC Mother’s Day Giveaway
But aside from the giveaway, I honestly can’t see myself owning another hair dryer-this is literally the best I’ve ever had!

Andis Pro Dry Elite AC - The Best Salon Quality Hair Dryer

Author: Jasmine

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4 thoughts on “The Best Hair Dryer You’ll Ever Need – Andis Pro Dry Elite AC”

  1. This sounds like a really awesome hair dryer. I don’t often blow dry my hair, but for the times I do.. it’s important to have one |that does its job. Thanks for sharing your review Jasmine. Maria –

  2. I own a hair dryer. Although I’m really not sure why . . . It gets used, oh, once every couple years. Usually on a pet. My hair is just too long to bother drying! But your description of this dryer makes me think I DO have time!

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