Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle

Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle

Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle

Finally, there’s a solution to carrying an extra pony-tail holder around, without ruining your outfit!

This is a sponsored post in which I received a free Ashley Bridget bracelet in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links, and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see disclosure page for more info.

Pony-tail holders ruin outfits!

It’s sad, but true. Busy Moms can agree, we need that hair elastic. And guaranteed if you don ‘t have one-you’ll regret it later. But we all run into the same issue. A stretched out, hairy piece of nylon coated rubber band, ruining a perfectly coordinated outfit.

Not to sound like that lady in  the infomercials, but… there’s got to be a better way!

Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle

Luckily, Ashley Bridget thought of us pony-tailed women everywhere, and have their own Elastics Bangle bracelet. This sleek and stylish bangle is
one-size fits all. The groove down the middle makes it possible to hold a pony-tail elastic, all the while keeping it discreet. Finally a way to keep an extra hair-tie on you…without throwing off your entire look!

I love how simple it is! Very no frills, making this bangle Classic, yet Trendy. Available as Silver-Plated, Gold-Plated, and the now ever popular, Rose Gold-Plated, which I have.

The Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle is such the perfect way to keep that necessary pony-tail close by, but not drawing the wrong attention. It’s actually a really dressy kind of way to sneak that spare pony-tail holder around without anyone noticing! But, can also totally transcend to those PTA jeans & T-Shirt kind of days.

Ready to Gift!

One awesome thing I love about the Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle – It’s Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangleready to gift! Mine arrived in this super cute velvet lined gift box, complete with an extra pony-tail holder (because Ashley Bridget just gets me!) and a certificate of Authenticity, so you know it’s the real deal.

Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle

You can get your own Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle here, but I am in love with mine, and suspect it will be my go-to every day jewelry choice!

Ashley Bridget Elastics Bangle Bracelet - Hide your pony-tail holder!

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