Bubbling Charcoal Mask by Imagine Dermatology Review

Bubbling Charcoal Mask by Imagine Dermatology

Looking for a bubbling charcoal mask?

I have found a new kind of charcoal mask, and ladies…I’m in love. or highly addicted. Either way, the new Bubbling Charcoal Mask from Imagine Dermatology (one of my personal favorite brands) is here, and you. Need. This!

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A Charcoal Alternative to Peel-Off Masks

Ok, so I know those peel-off videos of the girls crying with their charcoal masks are great (and I’ll totally try one…eventually) but to be honest…Beauty doesn’t require so much pain! So before succumbing to the peel-off trend, I was soooo excited to learn Imagine Dermatology was coming out with a Bubbling Charcoal Mask!

Foaming Action!

Now, as I mentioned before, this isn’t a peel off. And requires so little effort! The bubbling charcoal mask is a cleanser, that also purifies and detoxes your skin. It helps with blackheads and oil control as well! The natural botanicals and nutrients also help to hydrate and moisturize.

Because of the oxygenation, this mask requires no massaging into the skin. That actually inhibits the cleansing! To use, simply,

  • Pump 5-10 times an amount of the cleanser into your palm (average amount needed)
  • Apply with your finger tips to your cheeks, chin, forehead and T-zone
  • Apply a thick layer – make sure you can’t see the skin underneath!
  • Enjoy the bubbles!

As you can see in the video below, the foaming action starts within minutes, and you can feel your skin getting a thorough deep clean!

I have combo oily skin, and have been guilty of using this up to 3 times a week. Generally, you only need to use it 1-2 times, or as needed (like heavy oil days, or if you’ve worn a lot of makeup lately.) The tingly bubbles are addictive, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I follow up with my daily routine of the Smoother Skin Anti-Aging Renewal Complex, and the Instant Lifting Wrinkle Fighter (which I talk about here.). I love Imagine Dermatology products, and think the Bubbling Charcoal Mask is a wonderful addition!

Have you tried Imagine Dermatology products? Let me know what you think below!

Bubbling Charcoal Mask by Imagine Dermatology



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    1. Try this one out! Out of all the products I review, while they are all pretty good (so far) Imagine dermatology products are the best for my weird skin

  1. Recently I read few posts about Charcoal masks.So,I am really interested in trying on me.This Bubbling charcoal mask sounds really great and easy to use!

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